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Days of Destiny Tour: Skillet and Adelitas Way - Winnipeg, MB

The Destiny of Days Tour stormed into Winnipeg's Burton Cummings Theatre on June 17, 2024, delivering an electrifying evening of rock anthems and powerhouse performances. Headlined by the mighty Skillet, with support from Adelitas Way, the concert was a testament to the enduring appeal of hard-hitting rock music and the unyielding energy of both bands.

Adelitas Way. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Adelitas Way kicked off the night with a blistering set that immediately set the tone for the evening. The band, fronted by the charismatic Rick DeJesus, wasted no time in getting the crowd pumped with their opening track, "What It Takes." The energy in the room was palpable as they launched into "Sick," with DeJesus's raw vocals and infectious stage presence captivating the audience.

Highlights of their performance included the defiant anthem "Ready for War (Pray for Peace)" and the empowering "Alive." The band's synergy was evident throughout, particularly during the dynamic "Own It" and the crowd-pleasing "All In." The intensity of "Still Hungry" and the high-octane "Notorious" kept the momentum going, while the unexpected "WTF Jam" and "Refused Jam" added a unique twist to their set.

Adelitas Way closed their set with "Invincible," leaving the audience primed and ready for the headlining act. Their performance was a perfect blend of grit, melody, and showmanship, proving that they are a force to be reckoned with in the rock scene. As the lights dimmed and the band's walk-out music began, the anticipation for Skillet was palpable. The band burst onto the stage with "Feel Invincible," instantly igniting the already hot crowd. John Cooper's commanding presence and powerful vocals, combined with the band's tight instrumentation, created a wall of sound that enveloped the theatre.

Skillet. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

"Rise" and "Surviving the Game" followed, each song driving the energy higher. The anthemic "Legendary" had the crowd singing along, and "Awake and Alive" showcased the band's ability to blend hard rock with symphonic elements. Jen Ledger's dual role as drummer and vocalist added an extra layer of intensity to their performance.

"Back From the Dead" and "Hero" continued to build the set's momentum, with "Not Gonna Die" delivering a particularly emotional punch. The haunting "Whispers in the Dark" and the frenetic "Psycho In My Head" kept the audience on their feet.

The more contemplative "Anchor" provided a brief respite before the band launched into the soaring "Comatose" and the fan-favourite "Monster," which had the entire theatre roaring in unison. "Rebirthing" closed out the main set, leaving the crowd hungry for more.

The band returned to the stage for the encore, where they performed "The Resistance." It was the perfect finale, encapsulating the band's message of defiance and resilience. Skillet's performance was a masterclass in rock showmanship, with each member contributing to a cohesive and unforgettable experience. The Destiny of Days Tour stop in Winnipeg was a resounding success. Both Adelitas Way and Skillet delivered performances that were equal parts exhilarating and emotionally charged. The Burton Cummings Theatre, with its intimate yet grand setting, provided the perfect backdrop for this powerhouse tour.

Fans left the venue buzzing with excitement, having witnessed a night of rock music that was both sonically and visually spectacular. If the Destiny of Days Tour is coming to a city near you, it's an experience not to be missed.

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