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Destroy Boys - Open Mouth, Open Heart

Album artwork for Open Mouth, Open Heart. The third album from Sacramento-based punk rock band Destroy Boys.

Release Date: October 8, 2021 Genre: Punk Rock, Alternative Rock Label: Hopeless Records

The Sacramento, California-based punk rock three-piece band Destroy Boys have scratched and crawled their way out of the pandemic with their third album, Open Mouth, Open Heart, which will mark the band's first release with Hopeless Records. With the band's signing to Hopeless Records, Destroy Boys was given creative control by the record label for their brand new thirteen-track album, leaving the band to release an album that was pure to their creative vision. Destroy Boys is formed by lead vocalist and guitarist Alexia Roditis, guitarist and backing vocalist Violet Mayugba, and drummer Narsai Malik. Open Mouth, Open Heart was produced by Grammy-nominated music producer Will Yip (The Wonder Years, Balance and Composure, Movements) and one individual track produced by Martin Cooke (Of Monsters And Men, Chvrches, Death Cab for Cutie).

Open Mouth, Open Heart blasts off with the single "Locker Room Bully." This angry, punk rager of a number is written from the perspective of someone who has been wrongly defamed through social media. The track also speaks on the power of social media in regards to the spread of hurtful misinformation. "Locker Room Bully" is a product of the anger, desperation, and sadness that Alexia has felt in the last year. Following is the album's lead single and the lone track on OMOH produced by Martin Cooke titled "Muzzle." "Muzzle" is a fast-paced one-minute-long pure punk tune that was inspired by a toxic relationship Violet was in, where she was mistreated. It tackles the feelings of being seen as disposable, feeling out of control, and taking your power back. Additionally, "Muzzle" features Violet on lead vocal duties, a first for her. "Lo peor" is the first full-on Spanish track from the band. Something the band has wanted to do for a long time and finally was able to incorporate into their songwriting on OMOH. Musically, it's a slow tempo, acoustic piece chock full of finger plucked guitar chords and a powerful vocal display from Alexia on the short song. Taking things down a slightly different route to a more alternative rock sound, Destroy Boys blur the lines for a heartfelt song, "Cherry Garcia." This track is followed by a semi-Spanish, semi-English track, "Te llevo conmigo (Here Lie All Those Who Have Come Before Me)." This particular tune was written about Alexia's family, more so their dad's Argentinian side, so it was made clear early to the band it should be written in Spanish. "Te llevo conmigo" is a speedy, powerful number with a fun, shoegaze, atmospheric ending. Once again tackling hard-hitting issues, the single "Drink" tackles alcoholism that runs through families. Additionally, how these patterns other family members have while growing up replicate themselves in the next generation. The song also deals with the conscious decision to break those patterns and reflects the pain and desperation of breaking these patterns. In "Ruins," Alexia and Violet share vocal duties for a thrilling and infectious duet-like vocal performance. "Escape," the most recent single off OMOH, is the least subtle COVID-related track on the album -while eerily enough, it was written pre-pandemic- and its meaning grew over time. This utterly insatiable punk-infused alternative rock tune is about just wanting to hit the road on tour and the need to escape reality in any way possible.

The final three tracks on Open Mouth, Open Heart are "All This Love," "For What," and "Secrets." They all have their own vibes and take you on a ride. First up is "All This Love," yet another single. "All This Love" is a semi-acoustic, semi-electric guitar-driven musical piece, but lyrically, it's a straight from the heart song about yearning for love and the actual realization that you need to first love and connect to yourself before you can be a partner to somebody else. Secondly is the angry, politically charged number, "For What." "For What" is a profound song about condemning police brutality and the politicians who do nothing to help fix a broken system. The final track on OMOH is "Secrets." The track is immensely powerful- from Alexia's emotive voice to the force from the track's instruments. Originally "Secrets," was performed in a higher key, but last minute in the studio, the band lowered the song's key, and it added to its emotionality. A profound moment occurred for Alexia when singing a particular note near the end of the song, which ultimately led to their emotions releasing, and they began to cry. It sums up the whole album in one picture-perfect musical number. Pre-save or physically pre-order Open Mouth, Open Heart before its release on October 8th here.

Full band photo for California punk rock trio Destroy Boys.
Photo courtesy of Ashley Gellman.
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