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Interview With House Parties Vocalist Chaney Elaine

I got to talk with Chaney Elaine, lead singer of alt-rock and pop-punk band House Parties about their upcoming tour and their new music. The Texas-based band consists of lead singer Chaney Elaine, guitarist Spencer Trinidad, and drummer Wesley K. Jones. Fresh off their recent release of their new EP, Side Effects, the band will be heading on tour with Games We Play next month.

Press shot for the pop rock band House Parties.

Where do you pull inspiration from when writing songs?

Chaney: I pull inspiration from so many different things like discovering new artists/ bands that bring a refreshing sound that I might be going for, personal experiences, and if I can’t think of something I’ll make something up to give the song meaning.

What was the creative process like for coming up with the cover for Side Effects?

Chaney: The creative process was mostly created on Pinterest. I kept seeing these different photographs of people shaking their head and in-between each side of their face was blur. It got me thinking about something like that but instead we show the girl with different emotions!

You're starting tour soon, are there any cities you're excited to play?

Chaney: I’m super excited to play in Canada again and this time we’re playing in two different cities instead of one. When I went to Canada for the first time last year, I fell completely in love with it. I’m also looking forward to playing in Seattle, Washington. I’ve always wanted to visit up there and potentially live there someday!

Is there anything you're looking forward to while being on tour?

Chaney: Playing new cities we haven’t yet, meeting new and old fans, and making new friends on the road. This sounds weird but I’m not the biggest fan of being home so I love to travel as much as I can!

Are there any songs you are excited to perform on tour?

Chaney: On our last tour, we pretty much already played all of our new songs but I’m excited to play the covers that we have lined up! I would love to tell you what they are but I wanna make it a surprise!

Do you have any tour essentials?

Chaney: Yes! Bluetooth/noise-canceling headphones, if it’s wintertime- a heated blanket, portable ramen bowl with chopsticks- I eat a crap ton of ramen on the road since it’s cheap, easy, and all you need it water and a microwave, and a good jacket cause you never know when you’re going to get cold.

How do you like to spend your days off on tour?

Chaney: Since we’ve only been on one tour full month-long tour, it’s kind of hard to say since most off days are travel days. If we can stop for brunch or go to a cool place to eat we will. In the past on smaller runs we’ve had, I like to find alternative clothing stores or thrift stores!

Are you currently working on any new projects?

Chaney: We are! We’re starting to write for a potential album!

Are there any goals you want to accomplish this year?

Chaney: To play on more tours and festivals, and to have a song hit one million streams!


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