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Interview With Aneessa

How would you describe your music to anyone who may have never heard it? Aneessa: My music is like listening to Sade with sparkles.

Press photo for R&B artist Aneessa.

Is there any significance to your stage name "Aneessa?" A: My real name is Anissa, but I spell it differently. The name means the person whom we love the company.

What are some of your musical inspirations? A: My musical inspirations come from a wide range of genres and artists, including the '60s and '70s Motown music, '80s and '90s R&B soul music, as well as Madonna. I especially love ballads and smooth songs.

If given the chance, what musician(s) would you like to collaborate with?

A: There are so many great producers and musicians, so it would depend on the mood of the song.

You have a new song "MERCI" coming out. What is it about, and what do you hope people take away from it? A: "MERCI" means "thank you" and it is a french song about gratitude, resilience, and self-empowerment. I hope people take away the message of finding inner strength and being thankful, even in the worst of circumstances.

You also have a new duet with your husband called "I Found Myself in You." What is the song about, and do you have a favourite song off the new album? A: "I Found Myself in You" is about finding that special someone in your life, and the joy and peaceful feeling that comes with it. My favourite song off the new album is the duet with my husband. If you could perform a show anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? A: I would perform in my hometown because I miss my family.

What do you have planned for the remainder of the year?

A: My plan is to stay healthy, well, and productive.


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