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Interview With As Everything Unfolds

Hey Guys! Thanks for taking the time for doing this! What are your main musical influences, and how did you decide you wanted to get into the post-hardcore/metal genre? We never really specifically aimed to get into any genre. We’ve always floated between so many different areas in music. We all grew up listening to heavier music, bands like My Chemical Romance, Enter Shikari, Bring Me The Horizon, Korn, Slipknot, etc. The culmination of these influences, alongside a blend of other genres that we’ve gravitated more towards as we’ve matured, have really resulted in our current sound.

Press shot for the British post-hardcore/metalcore band As Everything Unfolds.
Photo courtesy of Pearl Cook.

How would you describe As Everything Unfolds’ music to someone who's just discovered it today? Fun, heavy anthems.

You guys just dropped your brand new record, Ultraviolet - I love it so much by the way. How has the response been so far from fans and the media? The response has been great! The fans have really embraced the new record. It’s definitely a different flavour to Within Each Lies The Other, so there’s always a level of apprehension about whether fans will dig it as much as our previous material, but so far, we’ve had really great feedback, and it’s amazing to see everyone speaking so highly of it. We’ve also had a number of very positive reviews from press, so that always strokes the ego.

What's something you hope fans will take away from this record compared to your last one? The last record definitely had a more cathartic vibe, peppered with turmoil, angst, and emotion. On Ultraviolet, that part of our lives is largely behind us, and it conveys a more positive and hopeful message, so as long as fans have fun listening to it and leave wanting more, then that’s all we can ask for.

What's each band member's favourite track off of Ultraviolet? George: "Ultraviolet." It’s fun to play and I love nu-metal.

Jamie: "Daylight." All the singles are great, but "Daylight" is an underdog that gives movie credit vibes.

Jon: "Twilight" 'cause it rocks!

Charlie: "Ultraviolet." It’s representative of the album as a whole and everything we wanted to achieve with it.

Adam: "Twilight" because it’s the best one. How was the overall process of making the record? Was it a lot more planned/thought out compared to the EP and previous album? We went into the writing process with a clearer idea about what we wanted to achieve and the direction we wanted to take. Compared to the writing process for the first album, Ultraviolet was a lot more structured. For example, we intentionally wrote a song to open the album, a song for fans to mosh to, and a song to sing along and dance to. We had a clearer conceptual idea that formed the framework of how songs were written, which ones made the final album cut and that helped inform the tracklisting. Compared to album one, which was a more chaotic and reactive experience.

I've seen on a few social media posts that a few singles and even this record be considered "twilightcore"? What are your thoughts on possibly it making a new genre? It is a pretty funny Twitter meme, but in truth, that’s where it ends for us. We don’t pay much mind to genres and being labelled as a whole though, but we’re happy for our audience to have fun trying to place our sound.

Were there a few songs that didn't make the cut for the record that will see the light of day possibly even acoustic songs at some point for a deluxe version or an Ultraviolet sessions EP? There were quite a few songs that didn’t make the cut, all in various forms of completion, but they’ll likely never see the light of day -but never say never! We recently performed an acoustic set at a local record shop that went down really well, but we don’t have any acoustic records or plan to do so at the moment.

Right now on social media, everyone is talking about no mosh pitting at concerts, what are your overall thoughts when seeing that as probably people mosh at your shows, and should people stop mosh pitting you think or not? Our stance is that as long as an audience is having the best time whilst looking out for their safety and that of others, then it’s all good. From our personal experiences going to shows as youngsters, we’ve all had our fair share of pitting, and now viewing it from the stage perspective, we really feed off the energy when crowds are going wild. Having said that, if we ever witnessed anything remotely unsafe or dangerous, we would absolutely put an immediate stop to it. Shows should be accessible and fun for everyone, no matter who you are, and people express that in different ways. So long as everyone is safe, then we all have a great time!

If you can have your listeners and fans remember one thing about yourselves, what would you want them to remember you by and why?

That we came here to do two things - chew gum and rock out. Unfortunately, we’re all out of gum.

If there was one band that reached out to you guys right now that wanted to have you guys on tour who would that dream band be right now?

Nickelback - best band of all time.

Finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2023? We’re currently on tour in Europe, supporting Callejon and playing a few headline dates. We’ve got a couple of summer festivals in the UK and Europe that we’re really looking forward to including our first appearance at 2K Trees and Resurrection Festival. Then towards the back end of the year, we’ll be heading out on our Ultraviolet headline tour in September, and finally, we’ll be supporting Electric Callboy in October to round off the year.


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