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Interview With R&B And Pop Singer-Songwriter Nikitaa

I chatted with R&B/pop singer-songwriter Nikitaa about their new single, “Delirious Summer,” and more of their new music.

Single artwork for Nikitaa's new single, "Delirious Summer."

What was the inspiration behind “Delirious Summer”?

Nikitaa: Well, I was kind of living the lyrics. I was taking care of myself, and life felt almost too good. Too easy. This isn’t something I’ve ever been used to, and I had literally told a friend a couple of days prior, “I can’t tell if I’m unhinged or if I’m doing better”. So I started there. How did you come up with the artwork cover?

Nikitaa: I was brainstorming what I pictured delusional happiness would look like, and I immediately thought of gluttony as a concept. And a rainbow lolly just felt so perfectly synonymous with summer, with gluttony, and with how psychedelic feeling this song is. So that’s what we did!

If you could describe the perfect environment to listen to the song, what would it be?

Nikitaa: I would say a long drive to the beach, or at the beach/by the pool on a sunny summer day with your fav drink in hand and your best friend next to you. How did you come up with the title of the song?

Nikitaa: It honestly just flew out of my mouth while I was writing, and I just went with it. I try not to think too hard about song titles until the chorus is done!

What was the songwriting process like?

Nikitaa: Well, Connor and I started with the beat first. I knew I wanted guitars. I knew I wanted the synths to sound dreamy, and that I was very much wanting to write the lyrics like I was writing in my journal.

Did you face any challenges while creating the song?

Nikitaa: I think the biggest challenge was vocal delivery on the first verse and the choruses. That register flip from full voice to head voice is very deliberate and delicate! Can you describe ‘Delirious Summer’ in three words?

Nikitaa: Delusional, soothing, euphoric.

How long did it take you to complete the song?

Nikitaa: I wrote the song in about two hours, and we finished production and final vocals over two sessions. I think the mix and master took a couple of weeks!

Any plans to make a music video?

Nikitaa: I may or may not have already shot one! Are you working on any new music?

Nikitaa: Yes, LOTS. I’ve got another song coming out super soon called, "Pillow Prince," and an EP on the way called, Ascension.


Listen to "Delirious Summer" HERE

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