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Interview With SOFIA Drummer Bruno Lamas

Recently I spoke to Bruno Lamas, the drummer for the Brazilian alternative rock band SOFIA. We discussed everything from the band’s name, the band’s debut EP Stories for the Sleepless, and the band’s future.

Band press photo for Brazil/Los Angeles rock trio SOFIA.

Your band name comes from scouring through books of mythology, but could you tell me more about the namesake and how it ties into the band’s lyrics and sound?

It’s all connected to storytelling. We just love the concept of diving into a world and wanted to create one for the listeners.

How would you describe your music for anybody who may have never heard SOFIA before?

Alternative rock!

Your debut EP Stories for the Sleepless has been out now for quite a while for the world to hear. How has the reception been so far for the five songs?

It’s been very heartwarming to see people connect with our stories and have our music be a part of theirs!

The songwriting on your debut effort is inspired by many different subjects including bedtime stories, fairy tales, science fiction, and fantasies. Is there any particular that comes to mind that drew the most influence for any, if not all of Stories for the Sleepless?

Reality is often stranger than fiction.

Which song(s) on Stories for the Sleepless were the most fun to write, and which off the EP were the most challenging to write?

The most challenging might’ve been “Stranger” and “Sad.” It was a subject we wanted to be very careful on touching, and so the lyrics had to be rewritten a few times in order to get the correct message across.

“Stranger” probably was also the most fun because it was the first one out of the five that we started writing for the EP!

You guys have a long list of influences ranging from Pink Floyd to Metallica to Twenty One Pilots. Even the OST for Lord of the Rings. If you could have sat down and written a song, or two, with anybody from the past or present, who would it be and why?

The Beatles! Just to be around their creative process must have been so crazy and inspirational!

You guys have released two visuals now accompanying the first two singles, “Coconut” and “Closer,” that were created by Leo and his production company, Salt Karamel. I take it the remainder of the videos are currently on hold until you guys can get back together as a group and also have the green light to film amid the woes of COVID-19?

Yes, it’s on hold for now. We create everything together as a band, and right now the three of us all had to shift our focus onto other things in our lives and around the world. When the time is right, we will come together and continue the story.

Do you have anything else planned for the remainder of 2020?

Yes, much more! We will be announcing some big news very soon.

Thanks for the time Bruno! With everything going on in the world these past few months, I hope you and your bandmates are all staying safe at home in Brazil and Los Angeles. Is there anything else you may want to add?

Thank you for sharing our story! We just hope everyone is safe out there.


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