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John-Robert - Garden Snake EP

Album artwork for Garden Snake, the brand new EP from singer-songwriter John-Robert.

Release Date: December 8, 2023 Genre: Folk Pop, Indie Pop Label: Nice Life

John-Robert's latest EP, Garden Snake, is a delightful journey back to his musical roots, skillfully weaving together acoustic folk, country, and pop influences. The five-song collection serves as a nostalgic nod to his Shenandoah Valley birthplace while celebrating the homespun purity of his earliest songwriting endeavours. About the EP, John-Robert shares, “It’s a return to form inspired by my musical upbringing in Virginia. This project feels the most like myself, and the songs feel lived in. While the writing process was me grieving the loss of a previous relationship; the recording process was a celebration of all the new ones.”

The opening track, "Come Pick Me Up," immediately immerses the listener in a pop-influenced soundscape infused with the essence of Virginia. Folky acoustic guitars and twangy country electric guitars set the stage for what unfolds as a compelling musical narrative throughout the rest of the EP.

The lead single, "Sweet Child," effortlessly blends folk and pop, creating a breezy, easy-going tune. John-Robert's ability to convey post-breakup sentiments within the context of a house show-like performance adds a layer of vulnerability to the track. The lyrics reveal a struggle to embrace new relationships amid the shadow of the past, inviting listeners to groove along while acknowledging the difficulty of moving on.

"Road Trip" takes a captivating turn, introducing more country twang into the mix. The twangy guitars, combined with a breathy, summery indie rock vibe, make this track a standout. Its bubbly pop flair adds a layer of infectious energy, creating a dynamic listening experience.

"Westward Bound" ventures into an entirely new sonic territory, delivering an almost full-blown folk number. The old-school country bass line brings depth to the song, and John-Robert's personal narrative of when he moved across the country from Virginia to Los Angeles at 18 years old adds emotional weight. The track becomes a heartfelt message to a former love, expressing that she will always have a place in his heart and home.

Closing out the EP is "Good Days'll Come," a beautiful acoustic guitar-driven tune that serves as a perfect conclusion to the collection of music. John-Robert's seamless blend of pop, country, and folk elements shines through one last time. The lyrics convey an upbeat and positive outlook on life after enduring dark times, assuring the listener that good days are on the horizon.

Garden Snake is more than just a return to form for John-Robert; it's a testament to his growth as an artist. The EP successfully captures the essence of his musical upbringing in Virginia while showcasing his ability to navigate the intricate intersections of different genres. With each track, John-Robert invites the listener into his world, where personal stories and musical craftsmanship coalesce into a truly engaging and memorable experience. You can stream Garden Snake now.


You can catch John-Robert on tour in February, supporting Bailen on the west coast dates of their upcoming tour. John-Robert will be featured on stops in Santa Ana, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland. For a full list of upcoming shows, please see below or visit:


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