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KiNG MALA Is The "punchline" Of Her Own Joke With New Single Out Now

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Official Press Release:

Single artwork for "punchline," the newest single from Texas-based alt-pop singer KiNG MALA.

Alt-pop artist KiNG MALA (AKA Areli Castro) has released the new single “punchline.” The track, rooted in an all-too catchy punchy bass and horn line that perfectly supports Castro’s soulful timbre, takes listeners through a very real experience full of self-effacing humour, tears and humility.

“I wrote ‘punchline’ about turning 24 and crying at my own party (true story). I wanted to write a song that embraced the disaster, embraced being 20-something and not knowing what you’re doing. This song is about being a mess and having a great time anyway. Basically, I’m a crybaby and I’m proud,” she shares on today’s release. “Also, fun lil fact, this song is coming on a Thursday because I only release music on even-numbered days…a secret superstition I have based on my lucky number 222.”

Fans can immerse themselves further into the creative universe KiNG MALA has been building with the release of the music video for “punchline”, which serves as a follow-up to the recent hit single “cult leader.”

Castro expands on the idea, sharing “Each character and each song ties into one another through similar imagery and aesthetics. Everything from the outfits, makeup and jewelry I wear, to the set design and shots in each video are linked and intentional. Ultimately we want people to be able to watch every video back to back and feel as though they are in one cinematic world.”

“punchline” is available to stream now here.


More about KiNG MALA: KiNG MALA is an alternative pop artist based in Los Angeles. AKA Areli Castro, the El Paso-born musician is not afraid to spill her guts. Setting out with the hopes to spark confidence in both herself and her listeners, she creates music that will make you walk taller and speak louder. Both her music and visuals experiment with masculine tropes, sharing "There's something about taking something traditionally masculine and wearing it as a woman that makes me feel really powerful." These masculine threads weave throughout everything she does, hence King rather than Queen and "MALA" which roughly translates to "bad bitch" in Spanish. Sharing her feelings from the bottom of her heart KiNG MALA encourages you to dig deep and connect with your inner self. Life is messy and we shouldn’t feel ashamed to show our emotions and speak our minds.


Check out more from KiNG MALA: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok

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