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Kyle Daniel - Kentucky Gold

Album artwork for Kyle Daniel's debut album, Kentucky Gold.

Country rock singer-songwriter Kyle Daniel's long-awaited debut album, Kentucky Gold, out June 28, 2024, via Snakefarm Records and Spinefarm Records, breathes new life into timeless influences and resurrects the glory days of '70s country rock for a new generation. Following his two self-released EPs, Kyle Daniel (2018) and What's There To Say (2019), Daniel's debut full-length album makes room for a broad array of sounds and demonstrates the expansive reach of his musical talent.

"I'm just making my own music, trying to honor the sounds that shaped me as a kid," Daniel explains. "It all comes from a real place. Once you try to force a certain sound, that's when you no longer sound like yourself. I just let the songs do what they want to do."

Daniel's debut album was produced by a team of talented musicians and producers, including The Cadillac Three's Jaren Johnston, The Lone Bellow's Brian Elmquist, and songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Mike Krompass, Kentucky Gold shines as brightly as its title suggests. The album weaves its path through the worlds of Muscle Shoals soul, Nashville twang, and the immense power of Daniel's electric guitar.

Daniel describes his genre-bending sound as "Kentucky-fried rock 'n' country." He avoids sticking strictly to pedal-steel country or the Led Zeppelin sound, preferring to live somewhere in between, always emphasizing that southern feeling. This unique blend is evident throughout the album, which features a range of musical styles and influences.

Relocating to Muscle Shoals with Elmquist during the recording process allowed Daniel to explore new musical territories. This creative freedom shines through in tracks like the Tom Petty-worthy heartland hooks of "Me and My Old Man," the string-band stomp of "Runnin' From Me," the slow-burning Americana of "Following the Rain," and the cinematic country rock of "Wild, Free and Easy."

One standout track is "Can't Hold Me Back," which Daniel describes as "full of tenacity and perseverance." Written with Clay Mills and Michael Krompass, this debut single packs a true rock 'n' roll punch. After the devastating blow from COVID, Daniel wanted to prove that he is far from done with his artistry, and this song delivers that message powerfully.

"Summer Down South," featuring The Cadillac Three, captures the essence of summertime in the South with infectious energy and irresistible hooks. Co-written by Jaren Johnston and Kyle Daniel, the rollicking track is a celebration of good times, hot weather, and cold beer. Daniel's distinctive vocals blend perfectly with the sound of The Cadillac Three, creating a perfect mix of southern rock and country. The entire album -start to finish- is chock full of grand country songs, rather it's from blistering country rock tracks like "Can't Hold Me Back," to heartfelt ballads like "Following the Rain," but a slew of these tracks like "Summer Down South," features a number of collaborating artists such as Maggie Rose, Kendell Marvel, The Cadillac Three, and Sara Zimmermann, who bring out a different side in Daniel's song-writing having to closely intertwine his style with his collaborators effortlessly. Kentucky Gold is a triumphant long-time coming debut that showcases Kyle Daniel's ability to honor his musical roots while creating a sound that is uniquely his own. With its blend of southern rock, country, and soulful Americana, this album is a must-listen for fans of the genre and a promising start to what is sure to be a long and successful career for Daniel.


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