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Liana Flores Will Release Her Debut Album 'Flower of The Soul' On June 28, 2024

Updated: 3 hours ago

British-Brazilian singer-songwriter Liana Flores talks about her debut album, Flower of The Soul, which is set to be released on June 28th. The album has an 11-song tracklist which includes her singles, "I Wish for the Rain" and "Nightvisions."

Press shot for the rising singer-songwriter Liana Flores.

Your journey from a small town in Brazil to London reflects a blend of cultural influences. How do you navigate between these two musical worlds in your songwriting process?

Liana Flores: I wouldn't say that navigating the two is a very conscious thing I do when songwriting, but looking back on the album it definitely is. I can see which songs are more folk-influenced and which are bossa nova-influenced. In terms of guitar playing, I would say that listening to specific players definitely influences the guitar technique and the melody could come from either one.

Your songwriting paints dream-like scenes. Are there any memories or experiences that have inspired your lyrical imagery?

Liana: It tends to be any time that I spend in nature.

As a previously independent artist what kind of challenges did you face in the industry?

Liana: Collaborations have always been challenging for me and having to promote the music as well. I’ve been lucky to not have to do it before this campaign, so it's been a learning curve.

How do you stay creative while navigating such a complex industry?

Liana: Listening to a lot of music.

Can you describe "I Wish for the Rain" in three words?

Liana: Peaceful, nostalgic, and melodic.

How has your creative process developed since you first started?

Liana: Just from listening to a lot of music and writing about 10 projects that never saw the light of day. Writing and listening to a lot and finding what I want to sound like.

What has been the most defining moment of your career so far?

Liana: Probably announcing this album, finishing it, and releasing the singles from it.

How do you connect creating a song in the studio to performing it live?

Liana: By trying to remember what it was like recording the song for the first time and bringing that into the performance.

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