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New Hope Club Talks New Double Single, Touring, And Their Career So Far

British pop trio New Hope Club emerged in the music industry in 2015 with a massively successful cover of "Wake Up" by The Vamps, which got them a record deal from the band to Steady Records/Hollywood Records. Two years later, Their debut EP, Welcome to the Club (2017), dropped on the record company. Since then, they have toured all through the UK/Europe and an American tour in 2018 with The Vamps. Shortly after, they released their self-titled debut album in 2020. It peaked at number 5 on the UK album charts.

The latest press image for the British pop trio New Hope Club.
Photo courtesy of Joshua Fairbrother.

New Hope Clubs' new singles, especially "Walk It Out," from Blake Richardson's quote: "We were writing it for FIFA, the video game in mind." Ultimately, the quote shaped the singles as they state, "They haven't had any songs that represent us live." George picks up and says, "The fans seem to like them, but we haven't played 'L.U.S.H.' live but were excited to play it and hope the fans will as well." The band also described the song each in their own way with a few words starting with Reece stating it feels "Urgent as it's a song about a relationship that you're so obsessed with." Blake adds on to say, "It feels intimidating," but George ends it with a joking matter, saying it's "Cool, but saucy." With that, they went about going on how the song video inspiration took place for the single "L.U.S.H." Reece says, "We love our humour and laugh, but we wanted to poke a little bit of ourselves in this video. We don't take ourselves too seriously." They enjoyed the director and how the whole video was shot on film, which is not much of a go-to direction these days when it comes to videos. When it comes to inspiring new and upcoming musicians and artists, New Hope Club said, "Trust your gut and experiment with social media 'cause people can see the bullshit. Try to be you and enjoy it. Don't make it feel like a job." With the start of this new era of New Hope Club, Reece says, "Everyone asks us how we changed, but it's really about who we are and the real Hope Club. The last two years have been us trying to find that." That's something that every artist tends to find in their career more down the road, and it's good that they are finding it this early at the start of their career.

Going into touring, they finished off a tour this past summer in 2022 and haven't been able to tour for three years due to the pandemic. They all kind of said the same theme of "this was a celebration" and "a great payoff," as it's been so long since they have toured. As well as showing off the new material to the fans in a live setting. As for future settings for touring and a dream tour, they all said they "would love to tour with some K-pop bands." They built a few relationships with members of BTS and a few other groups and even would love for them to "teach us how to dance." But they are open to any kind of tour.

With their music being opened up to so many cultures, including Korea, South America, and others, Blake said, "It's crazy that a lot of these places, English isn't their first language. The fact that were still able to connect with them shows the power of music what we can do. It's a dream come true." Reece added about going viral in their small tour with just playing in a small pub (bar), and everyone started booking them for their weddings. "The word gets around real quick," says George.

Touring comes with experiences, and that's what the band is all about. When asked, "what are they most known from the fans as the band laughs about so many ideas?" Reece thinks Blake is most known for "his dance moves on stage." George is known as "the cute one that says good morning to all the fans in the morning and for his guitar solos," but George and Blake added, saying that Reece is "the funny, humorous person in the band and slaps the bass when you can hear it." From one another, Reece says, "they are lucky to have each other as they are going through the same experiences. It makes it more fun with every journey they have each other." Blake adds, "we moved into a hotel room, just the three of us with three beds for three years, so we know each other from the inside and out. Were the luckiest we work out so well."


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