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Manitoba Music's New Music Night: PeshxHavs, Ndu, and Malcolm-Jay.

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

I found myself at Manitoba Music’s New Music Night on December 6th, a cold Wednesday night, at The Good Will Social Club, located at 625 Portage Avenue. Manitoba Music’s New Music Night occurs on the first Wednesday night of every month, showcasing up-and-coming musicians of any genre from all around Manitoba. This month’s New Music Night featured the local talents of PeshxHavs, Ndu, and Malcolm-Jay.

Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography.

Starting New Music Night off was the duo of PeshxHavs, a collaboration between local musicians Nicole Havs and Peshanakwut. The two broke onto the scene recently opening for acts such as SonReal, Snak the Ripper, Bliss N Eso, to name a few. This performance marked the first time the group performed with a drummer. Their set seemed well received by the room and from me especially. I’ve seen the two of them perform before, and I’m glad I can say I’m a fan of these two. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what 2018 will bring them.

Additionally, PeshxHavs recently released their mixtape, The Leviathan, in March, which is available for streaming and download on DatPiff, and their debut album Not an EP, released in August. Not an EP consists of sixteen tracks, most of which were produced by Peshanakwut, and features the duo’s single, “Dangerous” feat. White Rhino. Not an EP, can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and anywhere else you get your music.

Following PeshxHavs was local Hip-Hop artist Ndu. It’s safe to say Ndu has made a name for himself over the last several years on the scene with a few album and mixtape releases under his belt. Ndu has opened for many renowned acts such as Sean Paul, T-Pain, Nas, and Boyz II Men, to name a few.

Ndu had a strong, energetic stage presence throughout his set. I can’t fully speak for the whole crowd, but they sure seemed to be into his performance. Ndu has a fresh sound mixing an assortment of different genres. Notably, on stage with him was a guitarist to stage left performing very melodically. To close New Music Night was the local hip-hop artist, Malcolm-Jay. For the night, Malcolm-Jay was joined on stage by local R&B artist, Cisha, also known as DJ Smoke. The nickname was a running gag throughout the set for when Cisha, who on occasion would control the fog machine. Nearing the end of the set, Malcolm-Jay was accompanied by local beatboxer MC Woke to perform their song, “Colours.” I was thoroughly surprised to have witnessed live beatboxing during Malcolm-Jay’s performance, something far off from what I was expecting to see at all. Malcolm-Jay made a fan out of me with his incredible performance.

Malcolm-Jay has been prominent in the local hip-hop scene for a little while now. He has released an EP, Missed Connections, in 2016, and just this past September, he released his brand new album, The Enemy Within. His new album is centred around the problems still being faced in 2017 as a society. The album is on such services as iTunes and Spotify.

Each performance by PeshxHavs, Ndu, and Malcolm-Jay flew by quite quickly because of how invested I was in everyone’s set. Each performer is talented in their own right, and I enjoyed my time at the show. This was the first-ever local hip-hop show I’ve ever experienced. Secondly, this was my first all locals show, embarrassingly since 2015. I enjoyed both the music and the atmosphere of the venue. It was my second time ever seeing a show at The Good Will Social Club, and I hope to be back very soon. Maybe for another New Music Night?

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