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Artwork for the brand new EP, STUFF FROM MY BRAIN, from the British punk rock musician NOAHFINNCE.

Release Date: September 10, 2021 Genre: Punk Rock Label: Hopeless Records NOAHFINNCE (pronounced "no offence") is the musical pseudonym of Noah Adams -the 22-year-old rising punk rocker from the United Kingdom. Noah is leading a generation that is fed up with being told who and how they should be. Noah is an outstanding musician, being a virtuoso performer. Not only singing on his debut EP, STUFF FROM MY BRAIN, but he also performs the guitar, bass, drums, and ukulele you hear on its six tracks. STUFF FROM MY BRAIN was produced by various producers that include Stefan Abingdon (Selena Gomez, push baby), Thomas Mitchener (Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes), Jason Perry (McFly, Don Broco), and Jordan Cardy (Rat Boy).

Noah launched his Youtube channel in late 2015 and has garnered over 700,000 subscribers and over 340,000 Instagram followers to date. Since the launch of his Youtube channel, Noah has used the platform to detail his trans journey, talk about LGBTQIA+ issues, and release the occasional song cover. He has pulled these LGBTQIA+ issues, mental illness, and more into his music while bringing his own alternative and no-nonsense take on these issues close to him. The debut EP serves as a direct middle finger to what society expects him and many others to be, and while doing so, he is doing it as his authentic self.

STUFF FROM MY BRAINS begins with the lead single, "LIFE'S A BIT." The opening number is about life beating you up and not being able to understand your emotions, let alone being able to express them. The single is a fast-paced, power riff-riddled tune that's best described as having a DIY, pop-infused Green Day sound to it. However, with Noah's own flair sprinkled into it to make it unique. The EP's second track, "STUPID," is a song about doubting that your feelings are being reciprocated even though every sign points to them being reciprocated back. Musically, the track is all-around more polished than the previous track, with slower, softly sung parts spread throughout. Whereas "PITY" is still punk rock at heart, however, it's quite pop-oriented with the heavy use of synths/electronic instruments. That is a different and surprising switch for the EP's overall sound.

The latest single off the EP and additionally, the album's fourth track is titled "MIND BLANK NO THOUGHTS." The single drives out both of the album's punk and pop sounds and intertwines them once more. The song stands out among the rest due to its multi-layered approach with the cluster of sounds delivered in the track, which later leads to a slight headache-inducing bombardment of noise as "MIND BLANK NO THOUGHTS" builds. On the lyrical side, the track deals with being overwhelmed with how much is going on in the world that your brain decides to switch off, and you completely disengage from reality. Something I feel the use of the noise the song builds to is supposed to represent.

The final two tracks on STUFF FROM MY BRAIN are "KICKIN' TRASH" and "WEIRDOS." "KICKIN' TRASH" is another change in sound while staying the course in the realm of punk rock. The song incorporates the use of vocal effects and what sounds like backing vocals from an unspecified second person. It's an immensely angst-fueled punk rock anthem that touches on the anxieties and doubts that clutter in your head. "WEIRDOS" closes out the debut offering from NOAHFINNCE, and "WEIRDOS" is a defiant power-pop number about how it's okay to just be yourself, even if you're out of what society classifies as "normal."

Be sure to pre-order a physical edition or pre-save STUFF FROM MY BRAIN here before its release on September 10th.


Check out more from NOAHFINNCE: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | TikTok

Press photo for the rising British punk rocker NOAHFINNCE.

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