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Royal Tusk - Altruistic

Album artwork for Altruistic, the third album from Alberta rock outfit Royal Tusk.

Release Date: February 23, 2024 Genre: Rock Label: MNRK Music Group

The Alberta rock trio Royal Tusk have been out of the spotlight for some time, and with all due reason. Between the COVID pandemic keeping shows and gatherings from going forward and during the album's recording process, COVID ultimately led to an almost career-ending illness for vocalist and guitarist Daniel Carriere, which pushed the band's friendship and brotherhood to the absolute brink, but in the end, was strengthened through a tremendous wave of highs and lows. Since their 2014 breakout debut EP, Mountain, Royal Tusk has evolved in many ways, as also seen in their previous albums like DealBreaker and Tusk II. With massive standout tracks like "Curse The Weather" and "Aftermath," the band has garnered tens of millions of Spotify streams and toured with a slew of renowned acts like Slash, Halestorm, Monster Truck, and Pop Evil.

The band's ten-track self-produced third album, Altruistic, is a testament to the band's resilience as humans and their musical evolution. Scheduled for release on February 23, 2024 via MNRK Music Group, when the album was announced in December, it was accompanied by the release of the documentary, Do No Wrong: The Making of Altruistic, drawing back the curtains and providing insight into the band's journey of genuine emotion, effort, and creative resolve as they dedicate themselves to producing what is unquestionably going to be one of the most impactful rock albums of the decade.

Altruistic is a product of dedication and perseverance, particularly highlighted by frontman Daniel Carriere's battle with severe long-COVID, that resulted in a blood clot in his lung during the album's creation. Over a year battling to get healthy, Carriere lost over twenty pounds and could hardly speak. Despite this major health setback, once feeling immensely better, Carriere, along with bassist Sandy MacKinnon and guitarist Quinn Cyrankiewicz, finished the album and self-producing the project at Alberta's Audio Department recording studio. Additionally, the album was written before everything that occurred to the band, so lyrically, the album is stuffed full of these eerily future-telling themes. “Sandy and Quinn helped me through the entire experience,” Carriere said. “These songs were written prior to this life-changing event, but they still tell a story of struggle, suffering, uncertainty, courage, and watching your back. It’s bizarre how that happened. When I think of them now, they definitely illustrate what we all went through.”

The singles released from the album, including "All My Life," "Head Up," and "Relegate," showcase the band's ability to blend vulnerable lyrics with powerful riffs and melodies. Carriere's emotive vocals and the band's dynamic instrumentals create a compelling listening experience from start to finish.

In no particular order, the tracklist for Altruistic promises a diverse range of emotions and themes on their third outing, from the introspective "Breathe" to the riff-happy and anthemic tracks like "Fire In Your Veins" and "Relegate." The trio also offer up profound tracks like the tearjerker "Something From The Truth." Royal Tusk's ability to infuse honesty and raw emotion into their music sets them apart, making Altruistic a compelling addition to their ever growing discography.

Overall, Altruistic is a testament to Royal Tusk's growth as musicians and individuals. It's a powerful rock album that not only showcases their musical prowess but also tells a story of resilience, friendship, and the human spirit after going through a massive struggle.


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The latest press photo of Canadian rock trio Royal Tusk.
Photo courtesy of Kidpixel & Travis Nesbit.

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