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The Pretty Reckless - Other Worlds

Album artwork for The Pretty Reckless' most recently effort, Other Worlds.

Release Date: November 4, 2022

Genre: Rock, Acoustic

Label: Century Media Records The New York City-based rock outfit The Pretty Reckless -made up of vocalist Taylor Momsen, guitarist Ben Phillips, bassist Mark Damon, and drummer Jamie Perkins- have returned with their fifth full-length effort, Other Worlds. The Pretty Reckless' new album combines their latest single, "Got So High," alongside five covers, four acoustic renditions of tracks off their successful fourth studio album, Death by Rock and Roll, and a remixed version of "Got So High" -also off Death by Rock and Roll. The band's new project was once again co-produced between Momsen, Phillips, and their longtime friend and collaborator Jonathan Wyman.

The Pretty Reckless' Other Worlds opens up with a remixed and reworked version of their latest single, "Got So High," the new album then finds its calling with the first of many acoustic covers in Soundgarden's "Loud Love." The other covers featured on Other Worlds include Chris Cornell's "The Keeper," which features multi-instrumentalist Alain Johannes (Eleven), David Bowie's "Quicksand" featuring Mike Garson (David Bowie's band), Soundgarden's "Halfway There" featuring Matt Cameron (Soundgarden), and Elvis Costello's "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, And Understanding." Additionally, Other Worlds features acoustic renditions of their fan favourite tracks "25," "Only Love Can Save Me Now," "Death by Rock and Roll," and "Harley Darling."

Other Worlds isn't a crazy step forward for The Pretty Reckless, but it rehashes their past in a different way -by stripping back their favourite tracks from their heroes and a few tunes from their previous record. It's an eye-opening collection of tracks from The Pretty Reckless that further puts their last few years into perspective. 2017 and 2018 were some of the hardest years for the band. It started by losing their hero Chris Cornell while in the middle of touring with Soundgarden in the United States, then losing their close friend Kato Khandwala in a tragic motorcycle accident. These two events left the band shaken and distraught, with no certainty on how to continue performing and recording music. It led the band to take a much-needed break from the public eye. Ultimately, they returned with a handful of singles in 2020 and their album Death by Rock and Roll in 2021. Be sure to pre-save or purchase a physical copy of Other Worlds here.


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