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Weigh The Anchor - Right At Home EP

Updated: May 25, 2021

Artwork for Weigh The Anchor's brand new Right At Home EP.

Release Date: July 10, 2020 Genre: Pop Punk Label: Independent The rising Canadian pop-punk band, Weigh The Anchor, from Oakville, Ontario has returned with the release of their powerful third EP, Right At Home. Since the band's formation in 2016, the band has gone through many changes, including a recent lineup change that has left the band as a three-piece consisting of, vocalist Andrew Zamora, guitarist Brad Gresko, and drummer Brendan Lennard. These changes caused the band to refine their sound the slightest, by taking the old sound as heard on their two previous EPs, True Colours and Different Ways, and twisting it with what the sound that they felt fit them the most. Weigh The Anchor are still a pop-punk band and debut what is best described as a polished version of what they believe is their true self on their newest effort, Right At Home.

The EP opens with the energetic track, “Medicate.” This strong opening track lays all to bare for vocalist Andrew Zamora and the band. The true sense of honesty shines through Zamora’s voice on the track, if he’s shouting, or if he’s singing on the song’s bridge, you certainly do not miss it. “Medicate” is about pushing through the hard times you struggle with and making it out at the light at the other end of the tunnel. “Nothing in this place is real / Hurting from the weakness I conceal / Wake me when it’s time to heal.”

On the EP’s second track, “Abrasive,” the band shifts gears to a familiar sound that’s more reminiscent of their two previous EPs, but with that new punch that’s apparent on the entire track. This extremely fun and riff-riddled track is self-explanatory of its title and is about someone showing very little concern for the feelings of others, from the perspective of the person who has been hurt. “Is that really all you’re going to do? / Fuck you for what you put me through.”

With the third and the EP’s penultimate track, “Clandestine,” Weigh The Anchor continue to reposition themselves towards a slightly heavier sound. The majority of “Clandestine” is a straightforward pop-punk track, but as that breakdown hits approximately two-thirds of the way into the tune, the band’s sound shifts sharply to feature screaming vocals and a heavier-sounding style on the guitars and drums.

“Discourse,” the final track on the EP gives off a modern emo pop-punk vibe. This particular song is the effort's slowest, rawest, and heaviest track, but not in the way you’d believe. While Zamora once again lays it all to bare one final time with his extremely powerful hitting vocals and baring his entire emotions out for all to hear, it’s all done over a melodic, chord-filled, slow guitar track on the entirety of “Discourse.”

Although the band currently can’t get out on the road to tour the four brand new songs off Right At Home this summer, the band still have the full intention to get out across North America as soon as they are given the green light to hop into their trusty touring van to see the open road and the inside of a music venue once again.


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