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Yester Daze – Yours To Follow EP

Updated: May 24, 2021

Artwork for Yester Daze's brand new Yours To Follow EP.

Release Date: February 26, 2021 Genre: Rock Label: Independent

The Montreal, Quebec-based rock trio Yester Daze known for their high intensity live shows, has arrived with their debut EP, Yours To Follow. The band’s four new tracks showcase their unique rock style, which bridges the gap between heavy rock riffs and pop melodies. Yours To Follow was produced by Matt Nozetz at Avbury Studios, in the band’s hometown of Montreal. Additionally, the EP was mixed by Dave Traina, drummer of the Canadian rock band The Damn Truth, and finally mastered by Harry Hess. Best known for his work with other Canadian artists such as Billy Talent, Cancer Bats, and Three Days Grace, to name a few.

Yester Daze was formed in 2018 by vocalist Brandon McShad, bassist Zach Lemay, and drummer Matt Ware. Once together, the trio became fast friends, rented a rehearsal space, and let their natural musical chemistry take hold of the rest. Yester Daze is an amalgamation of the past, present, and future of rock music. McShad, Lemay, and Ware draw inspiration from some of their favourite artists such as Foo Fighters, Muse, Royal Blood, Billy Talent, My Chemical Romance, and The Pretty Reckless. Something that’s more than evident on any initial listen of the trio’s songs.

The EP opens with the stellar track, “Beautiful Day.” An alternative rock track at the center but riddled with enough infectious pop melodies that it morphs into something much larger. Overall, the tune could very well best described as a stadium rock anthem. With the opening track, Yester Daze hopes to let their listeners know that even in the darkness, you can make the best of a bad situation. Yours To Follow changes gears fast and turns to a music heavier side of the band not yet heard on the following track, “Light It Up.” The trio’s ferocity is on full display as Yester Daze pulls out heavy, yet immensely groovy rock riffs with impassioned lyrics screamed to the masses by vocalist Brandon McShad, to deliver a hard-hitting punk-infused rock number.

The EP’s third track, “Backseat Bingo,” begins with an intro reminiscent of the Dropkick Murphy’s classic, “I’m Shipping Up To Boston,” but with its now uniqueness that it’s in no way coping the song in any shape or form. It’s quite clear that the lyrics are chock full of metaphors, for well, you be the judge of it. “Backseat Bingo” is Yester Daze’s catchiest tunes with its poppy elegance, combined with its excitable alternative rock instruments. Additionally, vocalist Brandon McShad produces one of his best vocal performances of the EP on the track. Wavering between his falsettos and his hard, drawn-out, but powerful belted vocals, it’s a pleasurable shift in character for the group. Yours To Follow closes out with the track, “Otherside.” It’s a track that merges all the sounds of the previous three songs into one massive number to close out the band’s debut collection of music.

Yours To Follow is just a taste of much more to come from this up-and-coming rock band from Montreal, Quebec. Their debut EP demonstrates a widely intriguing songwriting blend of the past and present genres of rock, elements of pop, high energy, and honest lyricism to create plenty of resonating infectious anthems for listeners. I’m fascinated to see what the band has brewed up for the foreseeable future. Please stay in touch with the band by visiting their social media in the links provided below and make sure to stream and purchase their brand new debut EP, Yours To Follow, which releases on February 26th, 2021.


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