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Zoe Wees Released Her Debut Album 'Therapy' on November 3, 2023

German Singer-Songwriter Zoe Wees released her debut Album, Therapy. The album features an incredible 20-song tracklist. Including her hit song, “Control,” which certified gold and platinum In the US and Europe.

Zoe will be heading on her Therapy Sessions Tour beginning in March across the UK and Europe.

Press shot for the rising singer-songwriter Zoe Wees.
Photo courtesy of Lillie Eiger.

Releasing a debut album at 21 is a great accomplishment, how would you say being in the industry from such a young age has affected you and your music?

Zoe: I’m just starting. I don't really know yet, but I've learned a lot. I'm so confident now and my music sounds so much stronger than 2 years ago and I'm only getting stronger and learning.

Your debut album gives listeners a glimpse of your life, do you ever get scared being so raw and vulnerable in your music? How does it feel to share your experiences so openly?

Zoe: When I write the songs I don't really think about that I have to release the songs. I just write them down, I don't think about how deep, private or personal it is. When it comes to the part where I have to release the songs or want to release them it gets really hard. I'm talking about really personal stuff I've never told anyone but it's the best way for me to express myself and make other people feel a little stronger and less lonely.

How would you describe the overall sound and style of your debut album to those who may not be familiar with your music?

Zoe: I think it's very storytelling, emotional and deep

Can you share some of the challenges and highlights you experienced while creating your first album?

Zoe: It was really beautiful to get to know so many songwriters and producers. It's been a pleasure to get to work with them. Writing it was really nice, I loved it. But it's really private and personal so that was one thing that I had to open up a little more.

When you started working on the album did you know Therapy would be the title or did it form during the creative process?

Zoe: I didn't think about the title. I'm also not really good at it. I just wrote the songs and to me, every song is so different so I didn't have a title. Someone on my team said it sounds like therapy and I was like yeah it's therapy and that's how we came up with the title.

Which track on the album feels particularly special to you?

Zoe: “21 Candles” is definitely the realist song next to “Control” I have.

What themes or subjects can we expect in this upcoming album?

Zoe: It really depends on what I'm going through. I write about what I'm going through and this album is about my last 4 years. We’ll see what I'm going through and what I can write about.

What is your songwriting process like?

Zoe: I love writing, most of the time I love doing the lyrics first and then the melody. But it has changed a bit, now I start with a piano and sing something random, record it and then try to put lyrics on top.

What kind of experience can listeners expect?

Zoe: It's definitely tear-streaming, really emotional and down to earth.

What song are you most excited for fans to listen to?

Zoe: Probably “21 Candles” and “Less Of A Woman.”


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Listen to Therapy HERE

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