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Zoe Wees - Therapy

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Album artwork for Certified Depressant, the third EP from rising pop punk breakout Taylor Acorn.

Release Date: November 3, 2023 Genre: Pop Label: Capitol Records

German pop singer-songwriter Zoe Wees' debut album, Therapy, is officially here. With an incredible 20-song tracklist, it includes her hit songs “Control” and “Girls Like Us.” It also features her song with 6LACK, “That’s How It Goes.” Zoe said about the debut, “This album is for everyone who is struggling with depression, anxiety, and breakups. But I also wrote this album for myself and it helped me grow a lot. The oldest song is 4 years old and looking back it's really inspiring to me cause I've been growing so much, I'm very proud of myself.”

Therapy takes you through an emotional journey. Starting off that journey are “Sorry For The Drama,” “Lighting,” and “Girls Like Us.” Right off the bat, the lyrics are raw and emotional. “Love Should Be Easy” slows things down a bit. Next is her hit song “Control” is about her struggle with epilepsy and anxiety.

Slowing it down again is “Lifeline,” and “Daddy's Eyes” where she opens up about her father not being in her life. Continuing the slow tone are “Hold Me,” “Nothing's Forever,” and “21 Candles,” which ends with a message to her dad.

“On My Own” is about that lonely feeling one gets when the sun goes down. Which is followed by “Broke.” Then it's “That’s How It Goes” with 6BLACK starts picking things up again. Followed by “You Ain’t Really Good For Me” and “Don't Give Up.”

These next couple of tracks are powerful lyrically and sonically, “Nothing But You,” “Third Wheel,” “Less Of A Woman,” and “Hold Me Like You Used To” which is about losing someone you love and wanting them to hold you again.

The final track of the album is “When It Hurts.” It’s about having that one person who is there for you through all your ups and downs and without even asking them they always show up for you. There is a seamless flow throughout the entire album. Zoe has an incredibly unique voice and has a way of expressing herself through her heartfelt lyrics. The rhythm of each song is matched perfectly with the lyrics. This album is worth the wait and fans will love it.


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