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2024 BXX Tour: PURPLE KISS Live In Winnipeg, MB

Updated: Jul 10

PURPLE KISS made history on June 24, 2024, by becoming the first-ever K-pop group to perform in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The anticipation for this monumental event was palpable as fans from all over the region gathered at the Park Theatre. The excitement in the air was electric, and the day was filled with unforgettable experiences for those fortunate enough to attend the sold-out concert.

My sister and I, armed with our coveted "Everything Tickets," embarked on this extraordinary journey together. Arriving at the venue around 1 PM, we were greeted by a vibrant community of fellow fans. The camaraderie was heartwarming, with fans exchanging freebies like fan-made banners, stickers, custom ticket stubs, and photo cards throughout the afternoon. The check-in process began at approximately 2 PM, and we received our numbered wristbands and selfie tickets. Additionally, we had the opportunity to write questions on stickie notes for the group to answer during the show later in the day. The skip-the-line perk allowed us to be among the first to browse the merchandise, though the tour-exclusive photo card set was already sold out at a previous date on the tour, much to the disappointment of many.

The first few of the fan activities commenced at 4 PM, starting with the fan sign session - an autograph signing for those unaware. I purchased a poster earlier in the afternoon, which was soon adorned with the autographs of all six PURPLE KISS members. The group photo session followed, providing a cherished keepsake from this special day. Afterward, we chose our spots on the floor in preparation for the soundcheck. PURPLE KISS delighted audiencegoers with performances of "Love Is Dead," "Pretty Psycho," and "Nerdy," offering a tantalizing preview of what was to come in just ninety more minutes.

PURPLE KISS Soundcheck. All photos by Samuel Stevens.

As the clock struck 7 PM, the main event began. PURPLE KISS exploded onto the stage with a high-energy performance that left the audience in awe. The group's main set consisted of a seventeen-song setlist and it was a rollercoaster of emotions, showcasing the group's versatility and charisma. The show kicked off with the dramatic and regal "Intro : Crown," setting an enthralling tone for the evening. This seamlessly transitioned into the powerful "Ponzona," performed in English, which showcased the group's sharp choreography and commanding vocals. The crowd's energy was palpable as PURPLE KISS continued with the sultry and smooth "Sweet Juice," also performed in English, demonstrating their ability to connect with an international audience.

Following "Intro : Illusion," the members launched into "memeM," a high-energy track that had fans dancing along. "Toy Boy" and "Nerdy" maintained the momentum, with their catchy hooks and charismatic performances. The emotional ballad "Love Is Dead" provided a poignant contrast, allowing the group's vocalists to shine.

Special stages added a unique flair to the concert. Goeun and Dosie delivered a heartfelt rendition of VIVIZ's "Untie," while Chaein and Swan's cover of Sam Smith's "Unholy" was a standout moment, blending their distinct voices beautifully. Ireh and Yuki brought a playful energy to the stage with their cover of HyunA&DAWN's "PING PONG," showcasing their versatility and chemistry. This part of the night was also when each member of PURPLE KISS did a few Q&As from a whiteboard full of sticky notes with questions from audience members who had VIP, VVIP, and Everything Tickets, that they were able to write down to ask the group earlier in the day.

PURPLE KISS. All photos by Samuel Stevens.

As the night progressed, the group performed many fan favourites such as "Pretty Psycho" and "My Heart Skip a Beat," eliciting enthusiastic responses from the audience. "Voyager" offered a dreamy interlude before the high-octane "Intro: Crush" led into the powerful performance of "BBB," complete with an impressive dance break, which additionally, had one of the loudest singalongs of the entire night.

"Zombie," one of Purple Kiss's most iconic tracks, closed the main set out with a bang, leaving the crowd roaring for more. The group's three-song encore began with "Autopilot," a smooth and sophisticated number that showcased the group's vocal harmonies. The much-anticipated "7HEAVEN," which was teased throughout the entire concert, finally made its appearance, creating an unforgettable highlight of the night. The show concluded on a high note with "Twinkle," leaving fans with a lasting impression of the group's talent and charisma. Each song throughout PURPLE KISS' set was delivered with precision and passion, captivating the audience from start to finish. The setlist featured a mix of their hits, covers, and most importantly, many fan favourites, creating an unforgettable experience for the Winnipeg audience.

Following the concert, we were treated to a series of exclusive events. The hi-touch session allowed us to exchange quick high-fives with the members, a brief yet thrilling interaction. The you+ photo session provided another memorable moment, capturing a special photo of ourselves with the group. Finally, the selfie event ended the night by offering up a unique and rare opportunity to take individual selfies with the members, a personal touch that made the night even more special.

In conclusion, PURPLE KISS' BXX Tour stop in Winnipeg was an unparalleled experience, filled with exceptional performances and fan interactions. As the first K-pop show in the city, it set a high standard and left an indelible mark on all who attended. This concert was not just a show; it was a celebration of music, community, and the unbreakable bond between PURPLE KISS and their fans.

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