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Allison Leah - "sorry for myself" - Single

The single artwork for Allison Leah's latest single, "Sorry For Myself."

Release Date: April 8, 2022 Genre: Pop, Pop Rock Label: Independent Allison Leah is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently based out of Nashville, Tennessee, but originally from New York. Allison is back with her brand new single, "sorry for myself." The new single is the third single that follows her two 2021 released singles, "what i'm missing" and "24 years down." Due out later this summer -independently without a label- these three mentioned singles will be featured on her forthcoming sophomore EP. "sorry for myself" was once again produced by Alex Bonyata, who also produced "what i'm missing" and "24 years down." Bonyata has also worked with artists Bella Rose, Ben Buffington, and The Young Something, to name a few.

"'sorry for myself' is about being pushed to the limit in a relationship and finally saying 'enough is enough.' I hope it makes you feel empowered and encourages you to stand up for yourself," shares Allison Leah about the new single. Originally, Allison was turned onto music at a young age and was first a jingle-singer. She spent the earliest years of her life and her career in the studio recording familiar commercial jingles like the “Hess Truck” Christmas commercial from 1997. However, she was still working on her own original music all those years ago. Her exposure to the music industry at such a young age gifted her a love of music that lead her down a path in music of her own. In 2018, Allison released her debut EP, Fly Home, which has reached an accumulative 460,000 plus streams, just on Spotify alone. However, all her music streamed on Spotify has amassed well over a quarter of a million streams to date. With "sorry for myself" and her previous two singles, Allison is as introspective as ever in her songwriting, but her message of truth and empowerment remains at the root of her new music. While "what i'm missing" and "24 years down" are folky pop, singer-songwriter-type ballads, "sorry for myself" is a blissful, bold, and immensely candid pop-rock number. The brand new single is about standing up for yourself, being made to feel small, and being used. "sorry for myself" is backed around a spacey synth line, claps, and ground-shaking drums that Allison lets her vocal soar over with intense power. At points on the track, her vocals are reminiscent of pop icon Halsey. With the impending release of her independently released sophomore EP, Leah is destined to have a massive year ahead of her. Please be sure to keep tabs on Allison by following her on her socials provided below, and be sure to stream her brand new single "sorry for myself" on your preferred streaming service.


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