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American Teeth - A Wake EP

Album artwork for American Teeth's new EP, A Wake.

Release Date: February 2, 2024 Genre: Alt-Pop Label: Fearless Records

American Teeth -the musical alter ego of Elijah Noll- recently dropped his latest heart-tugging offering, A Wake. The new effort is a powerful and poignant six-song EP that delves into the artist's complicated relationship with loss. Filled with raw vulnerability, the project chronicles Elijah's childhood experiences, particularly the impact of his father's death.

The EP's strength lies in its brutal honesty. Elijah lays bare his emotions, inviting listeners into a world of grief, acceptance, and the struggle to move forward. The lyrics resonate with a deep sincerity, capturing the complexities of loss and the yearning for connection. It's a series of songs that tell Elijah's story of growing up and dealing with certain parts of his life that he wanted to go back and process.

The music complements the emotional core perfectly. Haunting melodies and introspective soundscapes create a melancholic atmosphere that reflects the heavy weight of the lyrics. Instrumental tracks like the EP's opener "Waiting Room" and the interlude "A Funeral" utilize sound design to evoke specific memories and heighten the emotional impact that Elijah once remembers from his past.

A Wake is more than just a collection of songs; it's a narrative. The tracklist flows seamlessly, taking the listener on a journey through Elijah's experiences through his childhood. From the initial confusion of "Waiting Room" to the raw vulnerability of "Hospital," a song written about the unpleasant first twelve years of his life. His dad was in and out of various hospitals being treated for cancer. After sadly losing his father, three years later he woke up after open-heart surgery two rooms down from where he last saw him, where he was told he was talking to his dad in a half-awake morphine daze.

Overall, A Wake is a powerful testament to the healing power of music. It's a listen that will resonate with anyone who has grappled with loss and the complexities of grief. American Teeth's vulnerability and musical honesty make this EP a truly remarkable listen for any listener.


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