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BAYBE - God's Favorite EP

Artwork for the new EP, God's Favorite, from the genre-defying American musician BAYBE.

Release Date: April 28, 2023

Genre: Hip-Hop, Pop, Metal

Label: Independent BAYBE is a Miami-born, dynamic genre-defying project that unconventionally intermingles pop, hip-hop, and metal into an exciting bundle. She is currently based out of Nashville, Tennessee. As a child, BAYBE began a music career doing voice-over for children's dolls, then later on, as a teenager, joined an assortment of rock bands. Over the years, BAYBE has written, recorded, and produced music in a cornucopia of genres, which saw her quickly gain a reputation doing it all, from being a seasoned singer, songwriter, session musician, music producer, and even handling her own designing, branding, live shows, and the visuals to her solo project. BAYBE functions as a four-piece live band, known to keep audiences wholly absorbed in a high-energy and ever-exciting live performance. Hard work and persistence have finally paid off for BAYBE, and she has readied the release of her solo EP, God's Favorite, which has now dropped independently.

God's Favorite opens with the spellbinding head turner of a track, "Yes Please!" Backed by a bassy hip-hop beat, BAYBE blends elements of pop and hip-hop together to get the eyes turning in her direction. The EP's second track, "Dinner For One," is reminiscent of an early Melanie Martinez track but hears the use of distorted guitars and screaming vocals in the layers of the track. The infectious chorus on "Dinner For One" is sure to draw a lot of attention BAYBE's way. The latest single off of God's Favorite, "Father, Son, Holy Ghost," is yet another hip-hop-infused pop number that does incorporate some elements of metal music. The single features BAYBE's characteristically aggressive, tongue-in-cheek lyricism in full display with cleaver little lyrical lines such as: "Here is the church and here is the steeple / Open it up and see all the evil / Forgive me, Father, I did something illegal / Didn't feel like a sin." BAYBE pokes some fun at religion on "Father, Son, Holy Ghost" with her not-so-subtle innuendos and tells the story of a man who paints her out to be the devil for tempting his girlfriend.

Closing out God's Favorite are the two tracks "Stray Dog" and "Love & War." On "Stray Dog," we get the most metal track on the entire five-track EP. "Stray Dog" is chockfull of chugging guitars, hard drums, and an immensely striking breakdown that includes haunting synth lines. Finally, "Love & War" is the final track on God's Favorite. "Love & War" is a pop song at its core with its subtly, beautifully sung lyrics, but is soaked in a metal influence. As "Love & War" grows and grows, the song's sonic structure builds to erupt. BAYBE harmonizes her salient clean vocals overtop of high gained screams, backed by heart-bounding drums and filthy-sounding guitar chugging. During the song's bridge, the song takes a trip into another world with a string arrangement before the song erupts one last time. You can stream BAYBE's brand new EP, God's Favorite, now wherever you stream music.


Check out more from BAYBE: Website | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | Spotify

The latest press photo for the rap, metal, pop artist BAYBE.

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