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Chloe Star's 'the bed i lie in' EP Listening Party In Los Angeles

On Saturday, May 18th, Chloe Star held an EP listening party at Honey’s at Star Love in Los Angeles. Her debut EP, the bed i lie in, will be released on May 28, 2024. The EP consists of a 5 song tracklist including her single, "Wasted Youth," which was released earlier this year.

Press photo for rising pop singer-songwriter Chloe Star.

The theme of the night was "The Prom I Never Got" and the place was decorated with balloons all over. It really did look like prom night. She had snacks and a French toast bar set out for everyone to enjoy. There was a live painter there as well, who was painting throughout the night. The room was filled with family, friends, and fans excited to celebrate.

Chloe's fans definitely showed up for her big night. They came dressed to perfection for the prom theme. I got the chance to talk to some of them before the event started and they told me that some of them have traveled from Canada, London, and even Australia to come show support for the EP release. They also told me that the fans have a discord and they talk to each other a lot and have become friends. I witnessed these friendships as more and more people arrived and they all said hi to each other. They even said hi to me; everyone was very nice and welcoming. The more I talked to them the more they were telling me how Chloe has created a safe space for all of them to be in at her shows and that they feel grateful to be a part of a space where they can be themselves and be comfortable.

When Chloe walked out and joined the party, she instantly started saying hi to fans and took the time to go around the entire room to see each of them. You could see the excitement on Chloe's face as she saw every person. A lot of fans brought her flowers, gifts, and cards to congratulate her on the big night. After she finished saying hi to everyone, they played a BTS video of Chloe making the EP.

Once that finished, Chloe got on stage and started performing. She played a couple of her singles and some songs from her debut EP. Before singing each song, she would give a brief explanation of the song. The energy in the room while she was performing was insane. Not only from Chloe but from fans too. Fans were singing their hearts out along with Chloe the entire time. She had a great voice and gave an awesome performance. I liked that she moved around the stage a lot to make sure everyone could see her as she was performing.

It was a great night and a perfect way to celebrate the EP. Be sure to keep your eye out for May 28th for the release of Chloe's debut EP, the bed i lie in.


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Poster for the EP listening party hosted by Chloe Star.

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