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girlfriends - Over My Dead Body EP

Artwork for the new EP, Over My Dead Body, from the American pop-punk duo girlfriends.

Release Date: May 12, 2023

Genre: Pop Punk, Pop Rock

Label: Big Noise girlfriends' new EP, Over My Dead Body, is a refreshing yet modern but futuristic and dynamic take on the pop-punk genre. With a large-sounding two-piece lineup consisting of Travis Mills on vocals and guitar, and Nick Gross on drums, the band delivers a raw, energetic sound that is full of emotion and brutal honesty.

The first track on Over My Dead Body, "Life's A Brittany," sets the tone for the record with its introspective lyrics about an ex-girlfriend. The song originated as a joke in Travis' head. The song is a conversational piece and hears Travis singing about a girl named Brittany and the stranglehold she has on him in some form. The acoustic-driven song is a standout and showcases Travis' ability to weave deep meaning into a catchy tune. Sonically, "Life's A Brittany" begins as an acoustic-guitar-driven track that juxtaposes the deeper meaning of the lyrics stemming from pain, purity, and expression. As the band comes to terms with these things, it leads into a cathartic full-band release at the track's end.

Following is the EP's title track "Over My Dead Body." It's a standout with its pop-infused sound and savoury synths lines. The song tackles the raw emotions of a toxic relationship and brings a cathartic release with its melodic emotional intensity, paired with a newly found freedom.

The third and fourth tracks, "Plastic" and "Talk," follow suit with their infectious pop-punk hooks, fun and vibrant guitars, and ever-so-contagious melodies. These tracks are the perfect complement to the EP's overall theme of moving on and finding liberation after a breakup from a toxic relationship.

Over My Dead Body closes out with its final track, "Thanks Anyway," a fitting end to the astral EP. The song is about the final straw that occurred in a relationship, and that moment you realize it's time to step away. It starts as an acoustic tune but builds into yet another straightforward, catchy pop-punk number that will have you singing along in no time.

Overall, Over My Dead Body is a strong and honest release from girlfriends. The production of the new release by Andrew Goldstein (Machine Gun Kelly, Papa Roach, blackbear) is impressive, and the band's talent shines through in every track. The EP is a must-listen for any fan of pop-punk or anyone looking for some honest, cathartic music, and it further proves that girlfriends are at the forefront of this "new wave" of pop-punk artists with the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, Maggie Linnemann, WILLOW, and Mod Sun, to name a very select few.


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The latest press photo for two-piece pop punk duo, girlfriends.
Photo courtesy of Nathan James.

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