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Glassreel - "Love So Hollow" - Single

Single artwork for "Love So Hollow," from the Winnipeg indie rock outfit Glassreel. Artwork by Montreal Artist Jonathan Veilleux.

Release Date: August 6, 2021 Genre: Indie Rock, Dream Pop

Label: Independent

Winnipeg indie rock outfit Glassreal is back once again with their first single since their debut EP, Unalike (2019). Glassreel first began to take shape as a partnership between longtime musical collaborators vocalist Kelly Beaton and guitarist/vocalist Trevor Graumann. Sometime later, the lineup was rounded out by bassist Ken Phillips and drummer Andrew Workman. The band has mustered up a name for themselves, sharing the stage with acts like Wintersleep, Partner, Said the Whale, and Tokyo Police Club's Dave Monks. The success of their debut EP led their music to be featured on over one hundred radio stations across North America -including CBC and NPR. Unalike also landed on Canada's !earshot National Top 50 for numerous weeks. Their music has also been played on Television, being in several episodes of celebrity chef David Rocco's National Geographic series Dolce Italia and Dolce Southeast Asia.

Musically, "Love So Hollow" is a simplistic indie rock/dream pop-infused number. However, while simplistic, the single is utterly infectious and comes purely from where many others around the globe have or are feeling. Between its insatiable, singalong chorus, the song takes influence from the '90s from the likes of Lush and Mazzy Star and puts it into Graumann's guitar work, intertwining with the dueting vocals of Beaton and Graumann. Lyrically, "Love So Hollow" follows the anxieties of coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Highlighted nicely with the lyric: "It's early, it's only my night so far / Optin' out and if I opt-out / You know I invite my day with doubt." Additionally, Glassreel's brand new single was produced by Mike Beaton at Rathgar House and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova at Bova Lab Studio. "Love So Hollow" is just a taste of what Glassreel has been cooking up in the studio since their 2019 debut EP. The quartet is currently on track to release their debut full-length album, Free Time, in 2022. Please stay in touch with the band on social media, included below, and stream "Love So Hollow" now on your preferred music streaming platform or purchase the single on your preferred digital music store.


Check out more from Glassreel: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp | Youtube

Full band press photo captured by photographer Rachael Goodz of Winnipeg indie rock outfit Glassreel.
Photo courtesy of Rachael Goodz.

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