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Grayscale - Antumbra EP

Artwork for the brand new EP, Antumbra, from the pop-punk/alt rock outfit Grayscale. A 3-song collection of reimaged tracks.

Release Date: July 22, 2022

Genre: Alternative Rock

Label: Fearless Records

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based pop-punk/alternative rock quintet Grayscale is back with their latest collection of tunes with the brand new EP, Antumbra. The band's new EP is a three-song collection of tracks from their immensely successful third album, Umbra (2021) and reimaged by the band. Grayscale isn't new to pushing the envelope regarding their sound. Pushing past their pop-punk roots on their second album Nella Vita, Grayscale drove themselves into unfamiliar waters when the quintet delved into incorporating more alternative rock and pop elements into the songwriting of Umbra, which has led Grayscale to unimaginable limits with their music for the future. "We wanted to re-approach some of our favourite Umbra tracks from a different angle," Vocalist Colin Walsh states. "These versions tell the same story, but with a different demeanour. We hope you love these renditions as much as we do." On Antumbra, Grayscale reimagines the three tracks "Dirty Bombs," "Dreamcatcher," and "Over Now." The reprised version of "Dirty Bombs" pulls away from the alternative rock version heard on Umbra for a much more tame, slower tempo version. That's prominently piano based, with plenty of other reworked instruments such as a slower, more drawn-out guitar solo. The Antumbra version of "Dreamcatcher" is a very mild-mannered alternative rock tune versus the original, which featured a very pop-rock sound and some of Grayscale's experimentation with other elements from other genres. The most drastic rework comes in the EP's conclusive track, "Over Now." The new arrangement of the song is a full-fledged piano ballad. While it isn't far from the original, it's quite the change and allows "Over Now" to breathe even more as the original did. The Antumbra EP is available now on all digital streaming platforms.


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Press photo for the pop-punk outfit Grayscale.

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