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HANABIE., Left To Suffer, and Outline In Color - Live In Winnipeg, MB

On May 23, 2024, the Park Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada played host to a thrilling night of firsts with the sold-out concert featuring the trio of bands HANABIE., Left To Suffer, and Outline In Color. Each band brought their unique sound and energy, captivating a full house of eager fans experiencing these acts live in Winnipeg for the first time.

Outline In Color. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Kicking off the night was the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based band Outline In Color, who set the bar high with their dynamic blend of post-hardcore and metalcore. Their setlist was a perfect mix of old favourites and new hits, keeping the crowd engaged from the very start with "Why Should You Survive" and maintaining that momentum through to "Jury of Wolves." The band's powerful performance of "Quicksand" and "Ghost of You" showcased their knack for melody intertwined with heavy breakdowns. The energy in the room was palpable as fans sang along passionately, especially during the emotionally charged "Won't Let Myself Become You" and "Bitter." Outline In Color’s interaction with the crowd was impeccable, setting a tone of camaraderie and mutual appreciation that carried throughout the night.

Left To Suffer. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Next up, the Atlanta-based deathcore band Left To Suffer brought a more intense and aggressive vibe to the stage. Their setlist, filled with ferocious tracks like "Anger," "Loathe," and "Feral," was a relentless assault of brutal vocals, heavy riffs, and crushing breakdowns. The mosh pits and crowd surfers were in full force, and the crowd’s energy matched the band's intensity note for note. "Lost in the Dark" and "D.N.R." were standout moments, demonstrating Left To Suffer’s ability to combine technical proficiency with raw, emotional power. Vocalist Taylor Barber's guttural screams and the band's tight, cohesive performance of "Artificial Anatomy" and "Disappoint Me" left a lasting impression, proving their prowess in delivering a visceral live experience. Headlining the night was the much-anticipated performance by Japanese all-female metalcore outfit HANABIE., who did not disappoint. Their set was an eclectic mix of J-pop influences, metalcore ferocity, and playful stage presence, starting their set with the high-energy track, "O•TA•KU Lovely Densetsu." The crowd was immediately drawn in by the band's infectious enthusiasm and unique sound. "NEET GAME" and "Bukkowasu!!" had the audience bouncing and headbanging simultaneously, a testament to HANABIE.'s ability to seamlessly blend genres.

HANABIE. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

The band’s fourteen-track setlist covered a wide range of their discography, with highlights like "Kotoshi koso Gal~Shoka ver.~" and their latest single, "GIRL'S TALK," showcasing their versatility. The playful "Ware Amatou" and "ghost mania" contrasted beautifully with the more intense "TOUSOU" and "Osaki ni Shitsurei Shimasu.," keeping the audience on their toes. The band closed their main set with "Today's Good Day & So Epic," leaving the crowd wanting more.

The encore was a perfect capstone to the night. "SUNRISE MISO-SOUP" brought a wave of nostalgia and excitement, while "Sentimental Heroine" ended the show on an emotional high note. The band's rapport with the audience was heartwarming, and their gratitude for the sold-out crowd was evident.

The concert at the Park Theatre was a resounding success, with each band delivering stellar performances that showcased their unique styles and connected deeply with the audience. HANABIE., Left To Suffer, and Outline In Color all left a lasting mark on Winnipeg, promising future returns to even larger and more enthusiastic crowds. This night of firsts was one to remember, setting a new standard for live music experiences in the city.

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