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Hanny - Ruthless EP

Artwork for Ontario hip-hip/pop artist Hanny's brand new EP, Ruthless.

Release Date: July 30, 2021 Genre: Pop, Hip-Hop Label: Independent

North Western Ontario hip-hop/pop singer-songwriter Hanny has returned from a three-year hiatus. A few years back, Hanny made a splash onto the scene with his singles, "Facetime" and "G.L.U." Following these two singles was his debut album, Self Made (2018). His debut album peaked at #19 on the iTunes charts. His music to date has garnered over fifty thousand combined streams. Hanny has also collaborated with fellow two other rising Canadian artists in the talents of Lavi$h and Internet Money's OVRCZ. During his hiatus, Hanny performed a one-off set at Winnipeg's annual Northern Touch Music Festival. With his new EP, Hanny has refined his sound a notch with his usual blend of hip-hop, pop amalgamation with the music leaning towards a more pop-oriented project. The entire effort was recorded, mixed, and mastered by himself in the comfort of his bedroom.

The six-song EP tackles a significant moment in Hanny's life; a break-up. The Ruthless EP was written during a dark time for Hanny and was a cathartic release for him to write. The underlying message in the six songs is more so aimed at the constant and evolving toxicity within modern-day relationships. As well as the impacts social media plays on them.

"This project is an extremely well-written, melodic, pop meets hip-hop 'break-up' masterpiece," states Hanny. "I wrote this project just after being removed from an extremely long relationship. This project and the underlying message throughout are aimed at the constant and evolving toxicity levels between modern day lovers - In addition, this album focuses on the impacts that social media plays in relationships today."

Ruthless opens up with "New Life." Beginning with a slow, melodic guitar, the track belts into a full-blown hip-hop track with its beat and throbbing bass. Vocally, the track is immensely poppy. The title track, "Ruthless," follows and once again opens with mild guitar and the deep bassline drops. "Ruthless" takes a shift with a darker vibe than the EP opener and uses vocal effects to add a new sense of emotion to the track. "Past Gone" is a blatant hip-hop track, whereas "Vibin'" is a bold pop number. The song is built around an acoustic guitar and deep bass, hi-hats, and snares. "Longer Road," the EP's penultimate track, is the most upbeat sounding track on the effort, but it's still lyrically dark. Ruthless closes out with the EP's lead single, "Not Sure." The perfect mix of Hanny's pop and hip-hop sides merge into one on the closing number.

"I recorded this album when I was in a dark place and it helped lead me to where I am now and the artist I am becoming more and more every day," Hanny continues. "Writing is truly a form of therapy and although you are putting yourself out there for the world to judge. After taking time off between 2018-2021, I realize that nothing gives me more of a rush than sharing and putting out these soundtracks to my life."

Hanny's Ruthless EP takes him into slightly new territory lyrically, while on the musical side of things, it's still in his wheelhouse. The EP is an extraordinary time capsule of a dark period of his life, and it's evident within the song's lyrical content. Hanny blends the two sides of his sound without effort, and with time further honing his craft, Hanny has the potential to be a significant name within the Canadian rap scene. Be sure to follow Hanny on social media for more updates from him directly. You can also presave Ruthless on Spotify and preorder the EP on iTunes here before its release on July 30th.


Check out more from Hanny: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

Ontario hip-hop/pop artist Hanny performing at Winnipeg's annual Northern Touch Music Festival in 2019.
Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

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