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Heart Attack Man - Freak of Nature

Artwork for Freak of Nature, the third album from pop punk band Heart Attack Band. The album is out now.

Release Date: May 26, 2023

Genre: Punk Rock, Pop Punk, Rock Heart Attack Man's third album, Freaks of Nature, is a testament to their ability to capture the essence of growing up and finding oneself. With its blend of punk, rock, and pop, the band delivers a collection of ten anthems that resonate with listeners on an emotional level. The album wastes no time in delivering raw, energetic tracks that tackle themes of self-discovery and self-acceptance. The opening track, "Practiced In The Mirror," sets the tone with its soft and heartfelt introduction. Singer Eric Egan's gentle vocals combined with the mellow electric guitar create a reflective atmosphere, inviting the listener into the band's world of introspection. From there, the album kicks into high gear with the title track, "Freaks of Nature." This song perfectly encapsulates Heart Attack Man's ability to seamlessly blend punk instrumentals with infectious pop-punk melodies. The raw energy and catchy hooks make it an undeniable standout.

One of the album's highlights is the album's third track, "Like A Kennedy." It's one of the most powerful and meaningful tracks Egan has ever written. With his own personal connection to John F. Kennedy through a family member who was connected to him and Egan's personal journey of self-discovery throughout his twenties, the song hits deep. The band's ability to weave personal stories into relatable lyrics shines through, and the combination of heartfelt storytelling, and infectious melodies creates a captivating listening experience. Heart Attack Man explores various sonic territories throughout the album. "Late To The Orgy" delivers shoegaze-influenced instrumentals, while "Stick Up" incorporates bouncy synth lines and an assertive attitude. The band isn't afraid to experiment with their sound, and each track brings something new to the table. Tracks like "God Called Off Today" showcase the band's ability to slow things down and create emotionally driven tunes. The acoustic guitar-driven song allows Egan's vocals to take center stage, evoking a sense of vulnerability and introspection. On the other hand, "C4" explodes with heavy guitars and intense energy, representing the band's more aggressive side. Heart Attack Man's fusion of punk and pop punk is evident throughout the album, with tracks like "9 On Your Bedside" and "Clown School" delivering infectious melodies and catchy choruses. These songs are reminiscent of the golden era of pop punk, with a modern twist that keeps things fresh. As the album draws to a close, "See You On The Other Side" leaves a lasting impression. Driven by an acoustic guitar riff and emotive lyrics, it serves as a poignant finale that encapsulates the album's overarching themes of self-reflection and personal growth. Clocking in at exactly one second under thirty minutes, Freaks of Nature is a concise and impactful album that doesn't overstay its welcome. Heart Attack Man's ability to capture the complexities of navigating young adulthood and finding one's identity shines through in every track. With their infectious energy, introspective lyrics, and genre-bending sound, Heart Attack Man solidifies themselves as a band to watch in the punk and pop punk scene. You can stream Freaks of Nature now on your preferred digital music streaming platform.


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