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Interview With Movements Bassist Austin Cressey

Last week, I was given the opportunity to ask Austin Cressey, the bassist of alternative rock/emo band Movements, a few questions about their latest studio record, RUCKUS! Austin and I went into more detail about the band’s recently released album, RUCKUS!, the album’s differences from their last two albums, their time in Winnipeg on tour in 2017, and much more.

Press shot for alt rock/emo four piece band Movements.

You are planning on releasing your third album RUCKUS! on August 18th. How do you think this record compares to Feel Something and No Good Left To Give? Or even the Outgrown Things EP?

Austin: I think this record is something new, fresh, and exciting. We try to never repeat a record and are always evolving. I love all our records, and this one is no exception and stands on its own.

Is there anything you did differently from the last one? Different methods of writing, or anything to change up the process in any way? A: Our previous records we went into the studio with a majority or good chunk of the music already written ahead of time and also a goal or a sound we were chasing. This album was all written and recorded at Studio 4 with our producer Will Yip. We wanted this record to reflect where this band is at now and also reflect the musicians each one of us has become. We went into it with almost zero ideas with the goal of everything coming out naturally. How was the overall writing process for the new album? I know the last album Patrick said the album was written a lot faster than your debut. How long did this one take?

A: This record all together took about two and a half months to write and record. We started in January of 2022 with a three-week writing session then a two-week session a few months later, then a few months after that, we were in the studio recording for five weeks. Having dedicated time to just write in the studio ended up saving a lot of time and was incredibly productive. Sonically, I know most bands have a direction they want an album to take. Did you think that you got what you wanted with this record?

A: I think we did get what we wanted. I think we expanded our sound and learned a lot about ourselves as musicians with also staying true to what this band is about and the core of our sound. Listening to the new album, I love that it leans very heavily into the “softer” alternative rock side of your sound. I think it was Oli Sykes who said a few years back, that they can’t always write the same type of music over and over because they aren’t those angsty people they were on their heaviest records. I guess this plays out for you on RUCKUS! as well?

A: It’s true, we have grown a lot as people in the eight years we have been a band. Your outlook on life and things change as time goes on. A lot of our older material is focused around heavy subjects, but we feel Movements doesn’t need to be something you listen to just when you are feeling down. We write about human experiences, which includes a wider range of emotions. I think this record does a great job of expressing that. Where does the album’s title RUCKUS! come from? How does it represent the album’s ten songs as a whole?

A: This record is a roller coaster of different sounds and emotions. No two songs sound the same. We felt the name RUCKUS! encompassed that and how excited we all are about the record. On No Good Left To Give there was a slight shift in subject matter, where we got sultry love songs like “Skin To Skin.” On RUCKUS! I’ve noticed a lot more of a stride into more heartfelt tracks, than angry and angsty tracks. I guess this just contributed to growing up?

A: Patrick writes lyrics about things that are happening in his life and experiences he has had. I would say it’s less about growing up and more about where he is currently at in his life.

Working with Will Yip at this point must just be muscle memory? He must be a lot of fun to work with the fact you have now worked with Will for every effort you’ve put out?

A: Will is like a fifth member of this band. Working with him feels easy and natural. Plus, I think every time we work together things get better and better. It’s a crazy shift to say that the Gorillaz and The Strokes influenced this record, and it’s very much so heard in the structure of these ten songs. Was it the band’s or Will’s decision to pull from different influences on this new record?

A: As we were writing songs and playing rifts, certain songs came to mind and kinda became an influence for the song. It wasn’t so much a decision as much as it was nothing that just happened.

One thing I find interesting over three albums and an EP, is you’ve managed to never collab with another musician to the point of a feature. Any reason why that’s been maintained throughout the years? Do you have any musicians you’d love to have featured on a track if it were to arise?

A: We have tried a few times in the past to make something work, but nothing has come through yet, unfortunately. It’s something we would like to do in the future if the opportunity comes along and if it’s right for the song. We don’t necessarily have anyone in mind at the moment though.

What’s something you want listeners of RUCKUS! to take away from it?

A: This being our third full-length record, I hope people take away a new appreciation for the band and a new appreciation of what we can do with our sound. Whether they have been there from the start or this is their first Movements release I think there is something for everyone on this record.

Last question, and I’ve been asking this one a lot lately to artists who have made their way through Winnipeg, Canada. You’ve only been to the city once in 2017. Do you have any profound moment from that day you would mind sharing? What will it take for Movements to come back through Canada to perform? I’m talking more than just the “big three” cities.

A: It’s true, it’s been a long time since we have toured Canada. I don’t remember the Winnipeg date specifically, probably 'cause we just went to the venue and played the show and had to make a long drive to the next date, but I loved that tour. It was truly amazing driving across Canada coast-to-coast. Would love to do it again, but hopefully in better weather next time. Our last Canadian tour was in mid spring and the snow was a little scary to travel in. Hopefully, the opportunity comes up soon.


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The artwork for Movements' third studio album, RUCKUS! Out now via Fearless Records.

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