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Kate Peytavin Recently Released New Single "Whole Heart Black"

Singer-songwriter, actress, and influencer Kate Peytavin released her new single "Whole Heart Black" on February 2, 2024.

Press shot for the rising singer-songwriter Kate Peytavin.

What is the songwriting process like for you? How long does it take for you to write a song and how do you know when it is done?

Kate: It depends, normally I like to start with chords, they will often strike an idea and I start playing around with melodies and then I start writing. Sometimes I'll have a concept first and then I build the chords around it. It honestly depends on what my ideas are and who I'm working with. When I know a song is done, it's kind of hard when you listen to a song so many times you get used to it. A lot of times I'll send it to people and ask them what they think and if they would change anything. Once I get a thumbs up from people then I really know.

What was your favorite moment making this song?

Kate: I think when I made this mistake, I switched these two lyrics around and I realized I like it so much better that way. Normally I'm hard on myself for the mistakes I make but I think this mistake was beautiful and I'm glad that it happened.

What can listeners expect from the new single, both lyrically and sonically?

Kate: Sonically I have a lot more influences, I have a more '90s - 2000s angst influence which was really fun to experiment with. Writing wise it was the same with inspirations, I really took a lot from Alanis, Avril, Paramore, a lot of the people I've been listening to lately. So some anger and teenage angst.

How has songwriting enabled you to better cope with the heartbreak life can cause?

Kate: There are so many times where I don't realize exactly what I'm feeling or it's hard for me to decide what I'm feeling till I write it down on paper. Then when i start writing i dont stop, seeing it in front of you its like oh this is why im feeling this way. Whenever I have so many things on my mind and i dont put it on paper it gets jumbled up and I don't realize why I'm feeling the way I'm feeling. I think writing things out has made it so much more clearer for me and easier to understand my own mind.

What role does "Whole Heart Black" play in your overall discography? What do you want listeners to take away from it?

Kate: It's just a piece in the big puzzle. It's about wanting something you shouldn't have but you do it anyway because it feels good at the moment. I think there's a lot of learning to be done but it is a very valid emotion and feeling that a lot of people get suppressed for having. I want my listeners to listen and know that it's okay.

How have you evolved as an artist from the start of your career to now?

Kate: Just in the studio it's so much easier for me to open up and let go and put it all out there. Also experiment, before I was very scared to experiment. I had this down tempo going for me, I knew how to do it and I knew how to do it well. But I felt too comfortable and I needed to try something different. Once I started experimenting for the first time I realized it was so much more beneficial for me and exciting. There are so many new avenues to write and story-tell whenever you experiment so much.

If you could travel back in time what advice would you give your former self?

Kate: If I could go back in time I would tell myself maybe not care so much about what other people thought. I was kind of scared at first to open up and get personal with people and tell my story. That's how you make a good song, digging in deep and laying everything out there. I wish I had done that more in the beginning. Once your walls come down it's so much easier.

Are you looking forward to performing live?

Kate: That's one of the things I think about most, I lay in bed at night and I'm like that would be so cool. That first show, that first live experience, I love watching people live and it's another great way of story telling. I dream about the day I get to pick the set design, the lighting, the band members and everything. I'm so so excited for that.

Do you have any artistic goals you want to achieve this year?

Kate: I would really love to do a music video. That's been a dream of mine, I only have a visualizers out right now. I'm obsessed with watching music videos, they are a great way of story telling. I'm excited to kind of direct and put together my own thing.


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Listen to "Whole Heart Black" HERE

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