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LØLØ - falling for robots and wishing i was one

Album artwork for the debut album, falling for robots and wishing i was one, from Canadian pop-punk princess LØLØ.

LØLØ, the Toronto-based pop-punk and pop-rock sensation Lauren Mandel, will unleash her long-awaited debut album, falling for robots and wishing i was one, via Hopeless Records on June 7, 2024. Known for her raw honesty and compelling storytelling, LØLØ delivers an album that brims with both vulnerability and defiance, solidifying her place as a rising star in the genre.

The album kicks off with the simple track titled "Intro," setting the tone for what’s to come with a haunting blend of synths, keyboards, strings, and distant-sounding vocals that gradually build into the energetic burst of the second track, "omg." The track embodies the perfect pop-punk spirit with its catchy hooks and angst-filled lyrics, capturing the essence of youthful rebellion and self-discovery.

One of the standout singles, "2 of us," inspired by LØLØ’s struggle to break free from a toxic relationship, showcases her knack for pairing thrashing percussion and buzzing electric guitars with her signature resonant alto. The infectious chorus and relentless energy make it an instant earworm, cementing it as a highlight of the album.

"u turn me on (but u give me depression)" and "wish i was a robot" delve deeper into the album’s central themes of love, loss, and the desire for emotional detachment. The former juxtaposes upbeat melodies with sombre lyrics, creating a striking contrast that resonates deeply, while the latter explores the allure of escapism through a catchy, bassy synth-driven beat.

"Hot Girls In Hell" is a fiery anthem that oozes attitude and confidence, with LØLØ’s biting lyricism taking center stage. The song's punchy instrumentation and infectious energy make it a perfect addition to any summer playlist.

The album takes a more introspective turn with the trio of tracks like "thoughts from the shower," "*snow in berlin*," and "i would fix u if i could." These stripped-down, intimate songs offer a glimpse into LØLØ’s more vulnerable side. "*snow in berlin*" particularly stands out with its haunting melody and poignant lyrics about clinging to memories of an ex-lover.

"poser," another pre-album release single, is a reflective breakup tune that perfectly encapsulates LØLØ’s no-holds-barred authenticity. The grungy, understated guitars and chilly cymbals mirror her feelings of loneliness and confusion, culminating in a powerful outro where she declares her ex-lover is "full of it." Tracks like "kill the girl" and "suck it up" continue to showcase LØLØ’s dynamic range and lyrical depth. "kill the girl" is a punchy, gritty tune that captures her frustration and agitation as she struggles to leave the past behind, while "suck it up" offers, in a way, a bit more upbeat, empowering message.

The emotionally charged "u & the tin man" serves as the album's emotional apex and the album's climax. With its acoustic guitar and incredibly soft, affecting vocals, the song builds to a soaring, powerful outro, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

On falling for robots and wishing i was one, LØLØ successfully balances irreverence and authenticity, delivering an album that is both fun and deeply relatable. Her witty lyricism and powerful vocal performance make this debut a memorable entry into the pop-punk and pop-rock landscapes, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what she'll do next.


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