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Madds Buckley Releases Tragic Love Story On New Single "DogBird"

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Madds Buckley has shared “DogBird”, the latest single from her forthcoming album My Love is Sick. The song serves as a follow-up to the album’s title track; with both songs, Madds draws inspiration from her own experiences and shares a vulnerable side that listeners might not have seen before.

Single artwork for "DogBird," from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Madds Buckley.

Listen to “DogBird” here:, and check out the animated music video here. My Love is Sick is set to be released on August 25th.

‘DogBird’ is the story of a failing relationship wrapped in the metaphor of a dog loving a bird, and constantly apologizing for following its instincts. A hunting breed still bound to its folk’s leash, and a bird, gentle and free,” Madds Buckley shares with us. “‘DogBird’ is a queer story at its core, about loving someone while fighting your upbringing, but is truly for anyone who’s ever become their own worst fear: hurting the one you love most.

Madds will be celebrating her new album My Love is Sick with special album release shows this August in Chicago, New York, and Boston. Tickets are on sale now and available at

About Madds Buckley:

Madds Buckley is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter who uses her love of anime to create music inspired by various series and video games she loves. She got her start making English anime covers on TikTok while studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since then, she has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers with her anime-inspired releases.

Her most recent album, Sunset on Summerville, is inspired by characters from the My Hero Academia series. It features her biggest hit, “The Red Means I Love You”, a song written for Toga Himiko.

Madds makes music for anime fans that is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, whether they know the story it is inspired by or not. This has allowed anyone to enjoy her music, exploring themes of self-doubt, trauma, and the relationships that uplift us. No matter who you are, there is something to enjoy in Madds' music.

With the release of “My Love Is Sick”, Madds begins to explore her own personal experiences. The song showcases her growth as a songwriter and is a sign of big things to come – stay tuned for more soon.


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Press photo for singer-songwriter Madds Buckley.
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