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Mirror Tour: Lauren Spencer Smith, Blake Rose, and Geena Fontanella - Santa Ana, CA

On Friday, August 11th, Lauren Spencer-Smith’s Mirror Tour made its stop at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA. Lauren was supported by Geena Fontanella and Blake Rose. The tour started on July 14th following the release of Lauren’s debut album Mirror. It finished its North American leg on August 17th and is set to head to the UK, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. Geena Fontanella will be on the entirety of the tour, while Blake Rose will be returning in New Zealand and Australia. Henry Moodie will be supporting with Geena for the UK and Europe shows.

Geena Fontanella hit the stage first, she performed her songs “Dylan’s Dad,” “Daddy Issues,” “Loser,” and “Mad Love.” She had a black light set up for her set, which she turned on while performing a cover of Paramore's song “Still Into You.” Geena had such great energy when performing, the crowd matched it during her entire set.

Blake Rose went on stage next, it was just him and his guitars the whole set. He would switch back and forth between electric and acoustic guitar, which made for an awesome set to watch. Blake sang his songs “Gone,” “How Do We Stay In Love,” “Lady,” and “Casanova.” He also performed a cover of One Direction's hit song “Night Changes” and the crowd went wild.

Lauren started performing and opened with “Never Been in Love” and the crowd immediately started singing along. Then went right into “Bigger Person,” “Best Friend Breakup” and “Narcissist.” She played one of her older songs “Back To Friends.” Then sang a cover of “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele which was such a great addition to the show and followed it with “ily.”

Her hit song “Fingers Crossed,” was next which of course her fans went crazy for. Lauren performed “Hey” next and another older song “For Granted.” After that was “Fantasy,” “Love Is An Overstatement,” and “Too Hurt To Fall In Love.” She did another cover song, “Someone You Love” by Lewis Capaldi, which she sang beautifully.

Before the next song, Lauren asked her fans if anyone was in a relationship and if they had a cute love story they could share. She found a couple and asked them their story then dedicated the song “That Part” to them. The next song was “Aftermath” and she finished the set with “28.” The crowd began to chant her name wanting more. Lauren came back out and performed “Flowers” and ended the night with “Do It All Again.”

From the minute Lauren got on stage till the end of the show, her fans were singing her songs as loud as they could. Lauren is a great performer and has an unbelievable voice. She has an ability to connect with her fans as she's performing which makes the energy of the entire show so enjoyable.

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