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Saint Asonia - Extrovert EP

The cover artwork for Saint Asonia's brand new EP, Extrovert.

Release Date: November 18, 2022

Genre: Hard Rock, Alternative Metal

Label: Spinefarm Records

The Canadian-American hard rock/alternative metal supergroup Saint Asonia is back with their second offering of the year, Extrovert. Just this past July, Saint Asonia released their Introvert EP. The quartet combines select members of Three Days Grace, Staind, and Art of Dying into one captivating supergroup. Throughout two full-length albums, Saint Asonia (2015) and Flawed Design (2019), they created their own distinct sound to single themselves out in a large pool of rock and metal acts and their previous bands. Saint Asonia is made up of vocalist and guitarist Adam Gontier (ex-Three Days Grace), lead guitarist Mike Mushok (Staind), bassist Cale Gontier (Art of Dying), and drummer Cody Watkins (Art of Dying). Just like Introvert, Saint Asonia's Extrovert EP was produced by Anton Delost (cleopatrick, Seaway, Hollow Coves).

The lyricism on Extrovert continues on some of the topics frontman Adam Gontier details on the tracks on Introvert. "Devastate" tackles addiction and the devastation both alcohol and drugs can bring someone and their loved ones. "Over It" continues to detail Gontier's addiction and embracing his sobriety, mending old relationships that were burned in the past, and coming to terms with the fact that his addiction can overcome him again at any point. The EP's lead single, "Wolf," is a battle cry and an anthem of survival. It touches on the chaos, the darkness, and the violence that so many people have to live with every day. Fighting, scratching and crawling your way out of these particularly difficult times. Finally, on "Better Now," Gontier discusses an old relationship ending -the assumption here is he's talking about his past addiction- and how he will move on and be better from his experience.

Saint Asonia's Extrovert is the sonic juxtaposition of Introvert. The six tracks on Extrovert are quite in-your-face, heavier, and are a more technical set of tunes. Whereas the seven tracks on Introvert were more straight to the point, more stripped back in a sense, and more "radio friendly." These six new tracks are also a lot more riff-driven, powerful, and a straight punch to the face. "Devastate" opens the EP with hooky riffs and a blistering breakdown that sees the band deliver one of their heaviest tracks to date. During the breakdown on "Devastate," the track gets fast and thrashy, with Gontier ferociously screaming the lyrics. Whereas on "Break The Mold," the tone is a lot slower while still a riff-driven tune. It's the closest track on Extrovert that feels like it could fit on Introvert. Additionally, "Break The Mold" features electronic kick drums and synths in the background. "Over It" is an interesting rock ballad throwback to Gontier's past. It really gives off a Three Days Grace type of vibe -and I always hate comparing bands to their previous works. Over the years as a band, Saint Asonia has broken away from their sonic past and made their own distinct mark in the rock and metal scene, but a lot of these song's topics and themes are quite reminiscent of Three Days Grace's One X, and it shows in the musicianship of this specific track. The lead single, "Wolf," is one of the more melodically rememberable on the EP. Its catchy chorus with those blistering guitar riffs from guitarist Mike Mushok sends it home. The final track, "Chasing The Light," is an absolute barnburner. Chock full of powerful guitar riffs, heart-pounding drums, and a blistering guitar solo, the passion and emotional weight this track means to the band bleeds right to the surface. It's rare to come by songs like "Chasing The Light." You can literally hear and feel the raw emotion and the cathartic release in Gontier's vocals as the song plays. Especially those last final seconds with Gontier belting the genuine lyrics over very soft instrumentals. You'll be able to stream the new EP on November 18 and you can pre-save it here, but Saint Asonia will physically release the two EPs as a double CD titled Introvert/Extrovert on December 9. You can order it here.


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