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The Northern Light Tour: Royal Tusk, BRKN Love, and The Northern Royals - Winnipeg, MB

The Northern Lights Tour brought a vibrant mix of Canadian rock to Winnipeg's Park Theatre on March 5, 2024, featuring local talent The Northern Royals, alongside BRKN Love and headliners Royal Tusk.

Kicking off the night, The Northern Royals set an energetic tone with their dynamic performance. Songs like "Hello Chaos" and "Get Outta Here" captivated the audience with their infectious energy, while tracks like "Follow Me" and "Oh No" showcased the band's musical depth and range. The set was a perfect warm-up for the evening, setting the stage for the heavier sounds to come

The Northern Royals. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

BRKN Love took the stage next, delivering a high-octane set that had the crowd on their feet. Songs like "Dead Weight" and "Like A Drug" were standout moments, with their powerful riffs and catchy hooks. The band's energy was infectious as always, and they had the crowd singing along from start to finish. A highlight of their set was the unreleased track "Pulling Leeches," which showcased the band's evolving sound and hinted at exciting things to come.

BRKN Love. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

As the night progressed, Royal Tusk took the stage, unleashing a sonic assault that left the audience in awe. From the opening notes of "Head Up" to the closing chords of the sole encore track, "Shadow of Love," the band's performance was nothing short of electrifying. Tracks like "Curse the Weather" and "Die Knowing" showcased the band's raw energy and musicianship, while "Hated" and "Fever" had the crowd singing along at the top of their lungs.

Royal Tusk. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Overall, The Northern Lights Tour was a night to remember, showcasing the best in local and national rock talent. Each band brought something unique to the table, creating a diverse and exciting lineup that kept the audience engaged from start to finish.

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