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99 Nights Tour: Charlotte Cardin and Devon Cole - Winnipeg, MB

The Park Theatre in Winnipeg was set ablaze with electrifying energy on Saturday night as Charlotte Cardin and Devon Cole took the stage on the 99 Nights Tour. The Canadian singer-songwriter delivered a spellbinding performance that left the audience in awe.

Devon Cole. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

The night began with an impressive opening set by fellow Canadian artist Devon Cole. The Park Theatre was gradually filled with the melodic vibes of Cole's soulful tunes. From the rhythmic "Hey Cowboy" to the emotionally charged "Call U After Rehab," Cole's setlist showcased his versatility and undeniable stage presence. The crowd was particularly moved by her cover of Jesse Reyes' "FIGURES," a rendition that added a unique touch to the evening. Closing with the powerful tune "Dickhead," Devon Cole set the stage for an unforgettable night. As the anticipation in the venue reached its peak, the lights dimmed, and Charlotte Cardin graced the stage, opening with the hauntingly beautiful track "Looping." The audience was immediately captivated by her ethereal voice and magnetic stage presence. The setlist was a journey through Cardin's discography, blending soulful piano ballads with upbeat pop anthems.

Charlotte Cardin. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Hits like "Meaningless" and "Puppy" showcased Cardin's vocal prowess, with each note resonating through the venue. The crowd was on its feet during the groovy "Passive Aggressive" and the emotionally charged "Way Back." Cardin effortlessly navigated through the emotional spectrum, creating an intimate connection with the Winnipeg audience.

A standout moment came with the performance of "Daddy's a Psycho," where Cardin's raw and emotive delivery left the audience in utter awe. The energy peaked with the infectious beats of "Phoenix" and the tour's namesake "99 Nights," making it impossible for anyone to remain still. The crowd sang along passionately to every word, creating a symbiotic energy between both Cardin and her fans in attendance.

The encore brought the night to an exhilarating climax with "Main Girl," leaving the audience craving for even more. Charlotte Cardin's 99 Nights Tour in Winnipeg was a mesmerizing experience, a testament to her talent and the emotional depth of her music. The combination of her soulful voice, compelling lyrics, and the intimate venue created a concert that will linger in the hearts of those fortunate enough to be in attendance.

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