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Atreyu - The Moment You Find Your Flame EP

The artwork for Atreyu's brand new EP, The Moment You Find Your Flame.

Release Date: August 18, 2023 Genre: Alternative Metal, Rock Label: Spinefarm Records Metalcore and hard rock legends Atreyu make a bold return with their latest studio offering, The Moment You Find Your Flame EP. A testament to their enduring artistry, this four-song collection, set to be released through Spinefarm Records on August 18, 2023, cements Atreyu's position as masters of emotion-fueled, anthemic soundscapes.

Produced once again by the accomplished music producer John Feldman (Goldfinger, The Used), this EP is a window into the band's exploration of self-discovery, which wrestles with inner turmoil, self-doubt, and the struggles that can shroud one's perception of self-worth. Atreyu has discovered their own creative fire, symbolizing their candid introspection. Through their music, they offer solace and release, channelling universal feelings that connect us all.

The EP ignites with "Good Enough," a dynamic track that blends Atreyu's metalcore roots with their evolution. Beginning with a haunting orchestral string intro, the song erupts into a fusion of commanding drums, vigorous guitars, and a chorus fueled by anthemic group vocals. With drummer Brandon Saller now taking the lead on vocals, the track embodies Atreyu's transformation while honouring their origins.

"Immortal" follows suit, an unapologetic anthem that captivates with its memorable chorus and resonant energy. The song's ghostly opening gives way to a powerful chorus that beckons listeners to join in. The breakdown, highlighted by bassist Marc McKnight's intense screams, elevates the intensity of the track, demonstrating Atreyu's ability to continue to craft emotionally charged music that lingers.

As the EP progresses, "Gone" emerges as a pinnacle of arena-ready rock, driven by Dan Jacobs' original ideas. The track delves into the complexities of lost love and personal shortcomings, with a searing guitar solo and Saller's emotive vocals at the forefront. The interplay of Saller's raspy yet soulful delivery and McKnight's gripping screams adds depth and complexity to the song's narrative.

Closing the EP is "I Don't Wanna Die," a poignant and heartfelt exploration of mortality. Saller confronts the inevitability of farewells, whether it's his time or that of a loved one. The organ-driven introduction adds gravitas to the already powerful track. Saller's repetitive refrain, "I Don't Wanna Die / 'Cause I know it's not my time / And I don't wanna say goodbye," echoes the human desire to hold onto cherished moments. The drawn-out, melodic guitar solos interweave with the song's emotional core, propelling its sentiment to greater heights.

On The Moment You Find Your Flame, Atreyu unveils a chapter of their journey that delves deep into the human experience. The EP's electrifying soundscapes, introspective lyrics, and seamless blend of metalcore and hard rock elements testify to Atreyu's enduring relevance in the genre. This release is a triumphant declaration of the band's evolution while remaining rooted in their signature sound.

Atreyu's The Moment You Find Your Flame EP is an unmissable testament to their resilience, musicianship, and ability to craft music that resonates on a profound level. Through every soaring chorus, blistering breakdown, and heartfelt lyric, Atreyu invites listeners to reflect on their own moments of self-discovery and vulnerability. This EP is a resonant journey through the human spirit, underscored by the flames of Atreyu's passion and artistry that continues to get pushed to new lengths with each release. Be sure to pre-save The Moment You Find Your Flame EP here.


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