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Chuck Robertson and Friends - All Out Of Dreams

Album artwork for Chuck Robertson and Friends' brand new debut album, All Out Of Dreams.

Release Date: July 9, 2021 Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock Label: Tecolote Records Chuck Robertson, vocalist of the ska-punk band Mad Caddies, formed the band some twenty-six years ago and has never released any form of a collection of solo material until now. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Robertson was stuck at home like every one of us and began writing and recording brand new material at the home recording studio at the Tree House Compound. The said music Robertson was writing had a different feel to anything that would've fit on a Mad Caddies record. Fate brought a group of old friends together and shortly after, the five began regular jam sessions, wrote once or twice a week together at their Tree House Compound, then ultimately recorded every weekend throughout the summer.

Chuck Robertson and Friends first debuted the news of a solo debut album through a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of CAD$12,316 that offered exclusive rewards of physical albums on vinyl, "Chuck Roast" coffee beans, exclusive t-shirts, stickers, and tons, tons more. At the time of this writing, the campaign has reached its goal and has raised an additional CAD$6,460. Regardless of the Kickstarter, the album will release digitally on all music streaming services on July 9, 2021, to everyone.

All Out Of Dreams is new territory for Robertson. Tackling a more alternative rock sound with southern rock, country, and other little sprinklings pulled from various genres. Chuck and the band have showcased their talents with one stellar album of the summer. The musicians performing alongside Roberston and who make up "The Friends" are bassist Frank Palmer, drummer Rick Norton, guitarist Nick Fitzgerald, and Mad Caddies bassist Graham Palmer on the organ and piano. Additionally, All Out Of Dreams was recorded at their little home studio in their small town in California and entirely produced by themselves.

Chuck Roberson and Friends' seven-song debut -eight if you count the acoustic bonus track- tackles stories of Robertson's past, divorce, and heartache. Nevertheless, the songs were written with a sense of hope for love and a promising future. All Out Of Dreams opens up with the summery southern-infused alternative rock number, "Under Me," which introduces you to a Robertson singing a different genre for the first time in twenty-six years. Following the opening track are the spacey, psychedelic rock stylings of "Goodbye." Running just over five minutes in length, Robertson and Friends let the tune breathe around its mesmerizing guitars and captivating melodies. Unquestionably, "Goodbye" is a stand-out on the entire tracklist. The album's lead single, "Mountain Flower," is the shortest song on All Out Of Dreams, but the song's power lengthens it in depth.

On "Forgiveness," Robertson pleads with listeners to try to forgive anyone who may have a strained relationship with, of any kind, with simple love and kindness. Whereas the album's title track, "All Out Of Dreams," the music takes a sudden change with a song that infuses their alternative rock sound with bold Latin music aspects of acoustic guitars that bring something fresh to the album, executed flawlessly by Robertson and Friends. The album technically concludes with the song "Walls To The Ground." A slow rock tune that flies by with ease, putting Robertson's powerful vocals and Fitzgerald's distorted guitar riffs on display. "Walls To The Ground" also features this unspeakable, menacing presence to its sound that's beyond eerie yet fascinating, that sucks you straight into the music. In the end, All Out Of Dreams features one final track. An acoustic rendition of the album's lead single, "Mountain Flower," which, unlike most acoustic tracks, is essentially a live acoustic take, compared to its full-band version. Be on the lookout for tour details from Mad Caddies soon, but don't worry. Chuck Robertson and Friends have plans to hit the road and perform these new songs for fans this September with Jon Snodgrass. Stream All Out Of Dreams on July 9, and if you're one of the lucky fans to have grabbed a physical copy of the album on Kickstarter before the campaign ended on July 7, then spin that record once it arrives later this year!


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2021 press photo for alternative rock band Chuck Robertson and Friends.

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