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FELICITY Releases New Single "Levitate"

Single artwork for FELICITY's new single "Levitate."

Fresh off playing a sold-out show with The Used, the wait is over for “Levitate”, the brand-new single from the Orlando trash-rock band FELICITY. The song, a sexy and upbeat pop-punk anthem that will compel you to hit the dance floor, marks FELICITY’s first new music since 2021 and their first release with new drummer Rashid Williams. “Levitate” is out now via Zodhiac Records, and streaming here:

“’Levitate’ is about being so infatuated with a person that you forget who you are,” vocalist Damien Fagiolino explains. “They’ve got you so high on whatever it is they do that you’re drifting off into another galaxy. You want to do everything for them and lose yourself in the ecstasy they provide.

We’re never had a song you could outright dance to,” guitarist Andrew Rapier adds. “In the past, it’s always been stuff you want to mosh or headbang or circle pit to, but I feel like ‘Levitate’ is a song we could show to different generations of our family and have them all enjoy it.

Fans can look forward to catching “Levitate” live later tonight as FELICITY heads to AVALON Hollywood & Bardot for Emo Nite LA. So come join the party and let's levitate together!

Known for their fun and playful presence on social media, earlier this year FELICITY broke 100K followers on TikTok. With recent collaborations on the app featuring State Champs and Hawthorne Heights, and upcoming collaborations with Magnolia Park, Calling All Captains, and Capstan, "Levitate" is just the beginning of FELICITY's eight explosive new singles coming in the next year.

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About Felicity:

When July 16, 2021, hit and FELICITY released their debut full-length album, Dear Universe, the self-described trash rock band were in a familiar place: a recording studio, already hard at work on the follow-up.

Such is life for the Orlando-based workaholics, who refused to let the pandemic slow down their musical momentum. “We didn’t even have a TikTok when Dear Universe came out,” muses Rapier. Now, FELICITY boast more than 105,000 followers on the platform, drawn to the band’s hypnotic blend of metalcore, pop-punk, and alternative rock and their hilariously viral moments – from defending the deity of Nickelback (earning themselves co-sign from Chad Kroeger and co.) to promoting their music guerilla-style at Target and Lowe’s Home Improvement (earning themselves an exile from the retailers).

And with the release of their brand-new single, “Levitating,” FELICITY are poised to cross over in bigger, bolder ways than ever before. Recorded with longtime producer Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember, Neck Deep), the band’s first new single in two years expands on the sound they honed on the 2 million-streamed Dear Universe – hailed by Alternative Press and PunkNews(who called it “unapologetically dialed-in hard/pop punk”) – while pushing forward in captivating new ways.

Marrying four-on-the-floor buoyancy with detuned, angular guitars, bubbling electronic textures and undeniable energy, “Levitating” carries the kinetic spirit of what made Dear Universe, 2019’s Old Habits, 2016’s Brace Yourself!, and 2015’s self-titled EP such favorites among fans and critics alike while adding a newly honed dose of hyper-focused clarity to their songwriting methodology.

As the group (Fagiolino, Rapier, guitarist Cory Nicholas, bassist Michael Alosa, and new drummer Rashid Williams, who’s played with the likes of John Legend, N.E.R.D. and Jill Scott) decamped to The Audio Compound in Orlando to start work on their post-Dear Universe material, they brought with them a deliberate artistic approach that found them diving deep into their favorite songs from acts like Foo Fighters, Rage Against the Machine, Måneskin and Beastie Boys.

The truth is, the future’s completely wide open for FELICITY. They’ve proven their musical versatility time and again since forming in 2013, sharing stages with the likes of Fall Out Boy, The Used and Story of the Year as well as snagging invites to the Vans Warped Tour, Warped Rewind At Sea cruise, and So What?! Music Festival. And while the ability to dexterously shapeshift between genres has always been their calling card, they’ve come to learn that life on the musical extremes is where they have the most fun.

“We can be the heaviest band on a poppier lineup or the poppiest band on a heavy lineup,” Rapier enthuses. “It opens us to do a ton of cool stuff and get in front of a lot of audiences.”

They’re certainly poised to do just that with “Levitate,” the first offering from a batch of more than a dozen new tracks to come that find the band entering a new era sharper and more sonically diverse than ever before. But no matter how far FELICITY keep pushing the guardrails of their sound, there are a few things that won’t change: first and foremost, their drive to keep creating. Because rest assured, as the band continue to unfold their future over the coming months, it’s a pretty safe bet they’ll inevitably be back in the studio working on even more music as listeners add “Levitate” and other new songs to their playlists.

The latest press band photo for rock band FELICITY.
Photo courtesy of Anthony Catalano.


Andrew Rapier - Guitar

Cory Nicholas - Guitar

Damien Fagiolino - Vocals

Mike Alosa – Bass

Rashid Williams - Drums


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