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Halsey - Room 93 EP

Album artwork for Halsey's debut EP, Room 93.

Release Date: October 27, 2014 Genre: Pop, Alt. Pop Label: Astralwerks

Halsey has officially burst onto the music scene with her debut EP, Room 93, a mesmerizing collection of songs that showcase her unique voice and raw talent. With a blend of indie pop and alternative influences, Halsey delivers a set of tracks that are both haunting and infectious.

The EP opens with "Is There Somewhere," a haunting ballad that immediately draws listeners in with its ethereal melodies and introspective lyrics. Halsey's voice is both haunting and powerful, conveying a sense of vulnerability that is captivating.

"Ghost" follows with its pulsing beats and infectious hooks, showcasing Halsey's ability to create catchy pop melodies with a darker edge. The song's lyrics explore themes of love and loss, adding depth to the EP's emotional resonance.

The EP's title track, "Room 93," is a standout with its atmospheric production and haunting vocals. Halsey's storytelling shines through as she paints a vivid picture of a fleeting romance set against the backdrop of a hotel room.

Rounding out the EP is "Hurricane," a track that showcases Halsey's versatility as an artist. With its moody production and powerful vocals, the song is a testament to Halsey's ability to command attention with her music.

Overall, Room 93 is a captivating debut that showcases Halsey's talent as both a singer and songwriter. With its atmospheric soundscapes and introspective lyrics, the EP is a promising start for this rising star in the music industry.

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