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House Parties - Side Effects EP

Album artwork for Side Effects, the brand new EP from Texas pop-punk trio House Parties.

Release Date: January 19, 2024 Genre: Pop Punk, Alternative Rock Label: Equal Vision Records

The fast-rising Dallas, Texas-based pop-punk trio House Parties -consists of vocalist Chaney Elaine, guitarist Spencer Trinidad, and drummer Wesley K. Jones- have readied the release of their sophomore EP, Side Effects, to be released via Equal Vision Records on January 19, 2024. The EP was recorded at Always Be Genius Recording in Crown Point, Indiana and was co-produced by Seth Henderson -who also produced the band's Tiny Rooms EP (2021)- and State Champs' frontman Derek DiScanio.

The trio of talented musicians formed back in 2019, honing their craft pre-COVID pandemic at a local Emo Nite party where they unleashed their nostalgic blend of pop, rock, and pop-punk. To this day, they've toured the United States many, many times and have appeared at massive events like Hawthorne Heights' Is For Lovers Festival, The Maine's 8123 Day, and have quickly become a colossal name in Texas as one of the area's hottest acts. House Parties' brand new four-track offering Side Effects, opens with the lead single, "Braindead." Lyrically, "Braindead" shares their feelings of just knowing someone who's dumb and who takes the fun out of everything, and the band has dubbed the track a "dumb anthem." Musically, it's an energetic track from start to finish, something the band wanted on one of the tracks on the new EP. The track's nostalgic edge and emotive gang vocals make the tune utterly infectious and will be a fun addition to the band's live set.

Following "Braindead" is the dynamic number, "Get A Grip." Blending both slower melodies with a fast-paced drive, "Get A Grip" showcases one of vocalist Chaney Elaine's most impressive performances on the EP's four tracks. Her emotions bleed through to the surface and profoundly punches up the song's message. Which, lyrically, "Get A Grip" details that nagging and overly negative voice inside your head. The evil little voice that paints you in a negative light to yourself, telling you that you're annoying, not good enough, or even that you're a burden. Chaney shares, "Sometimes you need to get a grip and realize you're not a terrible person."

The third track and the effort's latest single, "Mid-Life Crisis," is massive. One of the more heavier songs on the album, "Mid-Life Crisis" pulls away from the band's pop-punk sound for a more alternative rock sound. The track has a familiar dark eerie feel to it like an older Fireworks track. As the track builds, at the one minute and fifty-second mark, the track has a massive breakdown, that could easily get a mosh pit going. On the lyrical side of the explosive track, the song is about anyone who's ever felt like they've ever had a mid-life crisis in their twenties.

Closing out House Parties's Side Effects EP is the heartfelt and sombre rock ballad, "Waterworks." A song so emotionally powerful can only, once again, come from a very personal place -as all four of these tracks do. "Waterworks" is about how so many try so hard to hide their insecurities from the world, but at the end of the day, you still have to go home, look yourself in the mirror, and face the reality of it all – you can fool everyone else, but you just can't fool yourself.

House Parties' Side Effect EP is an astonishing record over its criminally short fourteen-minute runtime. It leaves you wanting more. Everything on the EP displays their most vulnerable side to date. We are given four immensely immersive and introspective tracks that the band put every ounce of their heart and soul into. The band wanted to showcase their true selves to listeners and new listeners alike. Delivering such a real look into themselves is one perfect way to draw more eyes onto them and I have no doubt that House Parties will have a massive showing in 2024 and much more bigger things will come for them in the future.

The latest press photo of pop punk trio House Parties.

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