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Interview With Lulu Simon

I sat down with Lulu Simon and talked about her new single, “Stay,” and heading out on tour. Lulu just began her tour with Emei on November 2nd and her single “Stay” will be released on November 10th.

The artwork for Lulu Simon's forthcoming single, "Stay."

What was the creative process like for “Stay”?

Lulu: I wrote Stay with my older brother Ade, whom I love writing with, ‘cuz I feel like he really pushes me out of my comfort zone and helps me reach new musical highs that I might’ve otherwise been too shy or nervous to reach on my own. I feel really lucky to be able to bounce my ideas off of someone who is so talented.

Can you describe “Stay” in three words?

Lulu: Dramatic, delusional, powerful.

What did you enjoy the most while creating “Stay”?

Lulu: I loved being able to make a song that is so big and dramatic production-wise, I feel like it’s a bit of a departure from the type of music I naturally write, so it really feels like being able to showcase a side of myself that I typically don’t, which is slay.

What was the hardest part of making "Stay'?

Lulu: The hardest part of making Stay was maintaining my lyrical integrity while trying to write for a song that doesn’t quite sound like my other songs, and was born out of drama instead of quiet introspection.

If you could set up the perfect environment for fans to listen to “Stay”, what would it be?

Lulu: I feel like listening to Stay is perfect for like, twirling dramatically in a field during a thunderstorm or something.

You're starting tour soon, are there any cities you're excited to play?

Lulu: Of course, I’m excited for my hometown shows in New York and now LA, but I’m also really excited to play in Dallas! I’ve never played in Texas before, but my granny lives there and I love the energy there so I’m psyched for that. And to see my granny hehe.

Is there anything you are looking forward to most while being on tour?

Lulu: I think I’m honestly just most looking forward to getting used to being on tour, getting better at performing and being perceived in general.

Do you have any tour essentials that you bring with you?

Lulu: Anywhere you go, you must bring your own mirror. The amount of times that I’ve tried to do my makeup in a poorly positioned mirror with bad lighting? Too many to count! Jail! I always bring my own mirror so I can set up my makeup station wherever the light touches, Lion King style.

Are there any songs you’re excited to perform on tour?

Lulu: I’m excited to finally be able to perform Stay! I’ve had this song written for several years already and wasn’t sure if it would ever come out, but now that it is I can’t wait to get lost in the sauce with it.

Are you currently working on any new projects?

Lulu: I’ve got a couple more new songs waiting in the wings for their big moment, I can’t wait for those to be released into the wild!


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