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Interview With Monowhales

A couple of hours before Monowhales hit the stage in Winnipeg at the Centennial Concert Hall, all three members -Sally Shaar, Zach Zanardo, and Jordan Circosta- met up with our very own Mikey Jablonski for Crucial Rhythm's very first in-person interview since before the COVID-19 pandemic. Mikey and the band's three members of Monowhales met up and discussed The Inside Tour, the 2022 Juno Awards, their forthcoming album, and so much more!

Monowhales performing on the stage of Winnipeg's Centennial Concert Hall in front of a sell out audience.
Photo courtesy of Samuel Stevens Photography.

Mikey: Welcome to Winnipeg, guys! So how was the trip from BC? Zach: We drove out to BC from Toronto first. So that was a long trip. Coming back is super chill. Six hours, I don't know. M: What got you guys into music and want to form Monowhales? Sally: Oh boy. I mean, all of us separately always have been doing music at home on our own journey. But we all met in college, where we all came together. M: Any weird or fun stories at all? Zach: Sometimes I put her [Sally] foot in my mouth. [Laughs]. M: [Laughs] Like her actual physical foot? Sally: Yeah. [Laughs].

Zach: Yeah. It's kind of weird and kind of funny.

M: What kind of sensible taste is putting a foot in your mouth? Zach: Don't knock it until you try it.

Sally: Laughs. M: True [Laughs]. Sally: I told you we're weird, man. M: Right now, you guys are on tour with the Canadian BC rock group Mother Mother across Canada. How's that been like sharing the stage with them? Any funny tour experiences so far, or even you guys in particular?

Jordan: The fans. Sally: And Mother Mother have been amazing themselves. They are so kind. They are such kind and sweet loving people. We're so happy to share the stage with them!

M: They are a pretty big influence on the Canadian rock scene. It's really cool that you guys are sharing the same stage with them. What was it like getting the call to go on tour with them? Zach: It's pretty awesome. Like we just lost a tour in the fall for COVID reasons. I think we were all collectively in a dark place, but that came out of nowhere. We were talking on this podcast about how we never played Massey Hall in Toronto, it's a popular venue. We got this offer and Massey Hall was on it too. Kind of a big deal! M: Are there any cities you are looking forward to performing in that you haven't yet on this tour in Canada? Sally: We haven't played Regina. M: Really? Sally: Yeah, until two nights ago. I didn't realize the fans would go that hard. They were incredible. I was like, "We have never been there. Let's go check it out and see what it's like." It was the best show we have done yet. Saskatchewan came out and killed it! Zach: Winnipeg, right now! Jordan: We've never played Thunder Bay before. We have some friends over there were going to reconnect with. Sally: Where did we play Winnipeg the last time we were here? Zach: The Pyramid. Had some awesome tacos down the street last time. M: Still speaking Canadian things. Congrats on the nomination for a Juno award for breakthrough group of the year. You guys are up next to notable groups like Black Pistol Fire, Cleopatrick, Ocie Elliott, and Spiritbox. How did you all find out the news and what were all of your reactions when you first heard it? Jordan: We found out the news during the broadcast of their live stream. So you guys didn't get like, an email or anything beforehand? Everyone: No! Sally: There was actually a video of me co-streaming my reaction to it on social media. M: Do you guys have any plans in particular when the Juno Awards are happening? Jordan: We're playing the night before and the day after. We're just gonna show up. Sally: I got a pretty fun outfit planned. So I'm looking forward to it. Zach: It's going to be really cool. M: I'm excited for you guys. Hopefully, you guys do win. Sally: I mean, if we don't, everything else was awesome. I'm not sad. M: Exactly. I've heard you guys have new music on the way. You have an album coming out in the fall. I know there are two singles but come on, can you give any more details? Zach: It's gonna rock your socks off! Sally: And it's going to put that foot in his mouth. Everyone: Laughter. Sally: But no, we have a lot of stuff coming out in between then. Just wait for the fall. Keep watching us. We have some cool shit coming out. M: Can you tell how many songs are on the record at all? Jordan: Who needs to know that? Zach: We call it a healthy amount. Sally: Nutritious and delicious... And feet. M: Do you guys have like a foot fetish or something? [Laughs]. Zach: Absolutely! Everyone: Laughter. Zach: Don't you? M: No, I haven't tested that out yet. Sally: Well, welcome to the club, my friend! M: If you can have to give your listeners and fans one thing about each of yourselves to remember, what would you want them to remember you by? Zach: My smile! [Proceeds to smile] Sally: [Laughs]. Jordan: My thoughts... I would hope. Sally: That's like a heavy one. I hope I would have some kind of positive impact on the world. Zach: Truthfully, we're a very message-driven band as long as we bring a positive light. I think we're doing alright. Sally: Be kind. Zach: Create a moment in your life that you cherish. M: I love that. So finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2022? Jordan: Keep playing shows! Sally: As many as possible. M: Thank you guys so much for taking the time for the interview! Zach: Thanks, had fun!


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