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Jaenna Cali - "i'm so done" - Single

Single artwork for Filipina-Canadian indie pop artist and actress Jaenna Cali's brand new single, "i'm so done." The picture depicts Jaenna in the mirror putting on make up, with the song title written on the mirror in purple lipstick.

Release Date: May 19, 2022

Genre: Pop Label: Independent / Cali Creative Records Jaenna Cali is an overly talented Filipina-Canadian singer, songwriter, producer, actress, and director. Jaenna Cali does it all. Cali usually spilits her time between Vancouver and Winnipeg as she's constantly working on numerous projects related to her music, acting, and directing. Additionally, Jaenna is a mental health and body positivity advocate and hopes to be a positive role model for the next generation to help inspire them "to be who they are and make it true." Pertaining to her acting and directing, just recently in April, Cali even went on to collect three awards (Best Film, Best Actor, and Audience Choice) at Toronto International Film Festival's 48 Film Festival for her short film Miss Fortune. Today, Jaenna has released her brand new single, "i'm so done," just in time for the summer. "i'm so done" is the follow-up single to "Simply You" and "Stand By." Unlike Cali's previous two singles, it takes a different direction with a more upbeat, summery pop vibe. The track's bouncy melody is utterly infectious and by mixing its melody with its punchy drums, pounding bass, and flashy synth, the song has the perfect amount of summery elegance within it to be the absolute summer pop anthem. Lyrically, it also changed direction. Her last two singles touched on self-love and self-worth. Now on "i'm so done," Cali sings about her self-respect by saying no more to people-pleasing and cutting out all toxic and harmful relationships in her life.

Be sure to stream all of Jaenna's singles, including "i'm so done" -which is out now- wherever you stream your music!


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