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K.I.D - Poster Child EP

Updated: May 25, 2021

EP artwork for K.I.D's debut EP, Poster Child.

Released: March 24, 2017 Genre: Synthpop, Alternative Rock

Label: Universal Music Canada On their new EP, Poster Child, K.I.D continues to prove that they’re an alternative rock band that needs to be taken seriously. K.I.D delivers four catchy alternative rock, synth pop-infused tracks that allow vocalist, Kara Lane, and instrumentalist Bobby Lo to shine beautifully.

K.I.D, which is abbreviated from Kids In Despair, originally formed in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. K.I.D is comprised of members Kara Lane and Bobby Lo. Kara and Bobby are close friends that met when they attended the same high school together. In the mid-2010s, K.I.D wanted to create a Garage Rock-style album and went on the hunt for a producer to develop this dream. This is when they met Mike Crossey, best known for his producing work with The 1975, Wolf Alice, and Arctic Monkeys, to name a few. The lyrics of “Boy” are of a sexually suggestive nature. Although not on the EP, about a month after the release of Poster Child, K.I.D released a new version of “Boy” as a single featuring the up and coming Hip Hop artist, Cupcakke.

“Errors” features a darker side of the band's topics talking about crippling depression and how hard it can be to live with. While “Errors” does feature a darker nature, the production of the song is upbeat and catchy, featuring a lot of catchy melodies and synth over bass and drums. “Taker” captures the essence of the band alt-rock side. “Taker” is about a one-sided relationship and asking the other person in the relationship when are you going to contribute to the relationship. As per the lyrics “Taker, taker, taker, taker, taker, when are you gonna, gonna give a little?”

“I Cannot Sleep at Night” is pretty self-explanatory. The song opens up with Kara singing, “I cannot sleep at night, my anxieties run high and they build up inside.” This song is about various anxieties that could keep you awake in bed at night. “I Cannot Sleep at Night” may feature one of the catchiest synth hooks on the EP. K.I.D's debut concept album, Tired All the Time, will be out very soon. K.I.D has just recently released the singles, “Happy When I Cry” and “Elevator” off the upcoming LP. K.I.D's upcoming debut is an album that should be worthy of watching.

Poster Child proves K.I.D is not just another alternative rock band in the scene, but one to seriously watch out for. With countless catchy hooks, choruses, and covering various meaningful subjects within their lyrics, this EP will leave listeners wanting more immediately after the first listen. Kara and Bobby only get approximately twelve minutes on this EP to showcase their songwriting abilities and hit it out of the park. Kara’s vocal range shines across all four tracks. I’m certainly looking forward to what they will bring on their upcoming debut album, Tired All the Time.


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