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Who's There To Hear Me Out? Tour: Monowhales and Show Pony - Winnipeg, MB

On a crisp Wednesday evening, music enthusiasts gathered at the West End Cultural Centre to witness a dynamic showcase headlined by the Ontario-based pop-rock sensation Monowhales, alongside the local gem Show Pony. The night promised an eclectic mix of sounds, and the bands delivered a memorable experience that resonated with the diverse audience.

Show Pony. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Opening the proceedings, Show Pony took the stage with infectious energy, setting the tone for an evening of sonic exploration. Their setlist, a carefully curated collection of tracks, showcased their versatility and ability to seamlessly blend various genres. From the vibrant "Celebration" to the rebellious anthem "Weirdo," Show Pony captivated the audience with their catchy melodies and spirited stage presence. Tracks like "Suki" and "Sex" resonated deeply, establishing Show Pony as a band with both depth and a penchant for crowd engagement. Monowhales, known for their wildly electrifying live performances was next up at the West End Cultural Centre. The band took the stage with a roar of applause. The quartet delved into their setlist, spanning hits from their entire discography and throwing in some unexpected surprises. Kicking off with the anthemic "Hear Me Out," they quickly had the crowd entranced. The band seamlessly transitioned between their own hits like the infectious "RICH$$$" and the edgy "CTRL^^^," as well as unexpected yet crowd-pleasing covers of Nine Inch Nails' "The Hand That Feeds" and Blur's "Song 2."

Monowhales. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

A special moment of the night came with the unveiling of an unreleased song, "Flatbread," from their upcoming EP, showcasing Monowhales' commitment to keeping their sound fresh and evolving. The band went on to play an acoustic rendition of "All or Nothing," which added a layer of intimacy, allowing the audience to connect with the band on a much deeper level. Specifically with everything the band has gone through the last week of the tour with their touring van, the moment was as much as a cathartic release for them as it was for the Winnipeg audience.

Monowhales is known for not committing to the "bullshit" of encores, as Sally said on stage. So Monowhales closed out the evening with tracks that included the anthemic number "Real Love," the energetic "Out With The Old," and finally, their latest single, "Backbone." The crowd was left buzzing with excitement, the West End Cultural Centre transformed into a haven of musical euphoria.

In summary, the Monowhales and Show Pony concert was a testament to the vitality of the Canadian music scene of today. Both bands brought their A-game, creating an evening of electrifying performances and leaving the audience eagerly anticipating their next musical journey. The West End Cultural Centre echoed with the resonance of a night well spent, a testament to the enduring power of live music.

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