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SAUL - This Is It... The End Of Everything

The album artwork for SAUL's sophomore album, This Is It... The End Of Everything.

Release Date: July 28, 2023 Genre: Alternative Metal, Hard Rock Label: Spinefarm Records The Sutherland, Iowa-based alternative metal/hard rock four-piece SAUL are back with their much-anticipated sophomore record, This Is It... The End Of Everything, once again with Spinefarm Records. It follows the band's debut record, Rise As Equals (2020) and their three EPs, Embrace the Rain (2010), The Touching of Parallels (2014), and Aeons (2019). For SAUL's brand-new record, the band recruited the talents of music producer Kyle Odell (Motionless In White, Nita Strauss) to produce the band's second full-length studio offering.

SAUL's sophomore album, This Is It... The End Of Everything, is a powerhouse of alternative metal and hard rock tracks that showcase the band's evolution and versatility. From infectious singles to heavy-hitting anthems, the album delivers a collection of bangers that will undoubtedly rile up both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

The album kicks off with "TOOTH & NAIL," an emphatic and infectious single that sets the tone for what's to come. With catchy moments and explosive performances, SAUL blends soft moments with meaty guitar sounds, capturing the essence of their signature sound.

Following is "THE LAST PARADE," which takes things up a notch, turning the guitars up to eleven and incorporating chanting backing vocals and screams. This track is a barn burner that promises to be a thrill to experience live, with its chugging, heavily distorted guitars and high energy.

"A MILLION MILES" introduces synth and industrial influences, offering a mix with a sonic force that is reminiscent of modern Three Days Grace. Despite the familiarities, SAUL makes the song their own, leaving listeners with an infectious earworm chorus.

"THE NEW LOW" continues to break the mold and stands out as one of the heaviest tracks on the album. Vocalist Blake Bedsaul's powerful performance elevates the intensity, making it an unforgettable musical piece.

Exhibiting the band's dynamic songwriting with a guitar-driven, radio-friendly sound, "MORE OF THE SAME" delivers. However, the track goes beyond the typical formula, incorporating various elements that continue to make SAUL stand out within their genres.

"RUNAWAY" starts with a sombre, melodic vocal performance before transitioning into a heavier chorus. This track showcases SAUL's ability to seamlessly shift between emotions. Whereas, "NO MERCY" is another guitar-driven gem, highlighting guitarist Zach Bedsaul's blistering riffs and intense breakdowns. The song packs a punch and keeps the album's momentum going.

"US A.D." brings heartfelt emotions and a powerful vocal performance, delving into the aftermath of a relationship. The combination of chugging guitars and a throbbing bass line enhances the impact of this song.

"BEHIND THESE EYES" stands out as an absolute masterpiece, starting with a stripped-down approach and building up to an explosive alternative metal experience. Each band member shines on this track, and Blake's vocal range is particularly impressive. "CASTLES IN THE SKY" offers a contrasting experience, catering to fans of the band's heavier music. The track showcases the band's ability to handle different styles effectively.

"JACK & JILL" takes the album to one of its heaviest points, with distorted guitars and another assertive vocal performance. The chorus is contagiously energetic, and Blake's screams leave a lasting impact.

"BETTER AS A MEMORY" features industrial influences, incorporating robotic vocal effects and yet another flawless vocal performance. With blistering guitar riffs and a groovy chorus, this track is bound to get listeners moving. "REIGN FIRE" closes the album on a high note with a radio-ready hit that incorporates elements from various genres. It showcases SAUL's willingness to experiment while staying true to their alternative metal core.

The album's overarching theme revolves around society's increasing disconnection and addiction to social media and their mobile devices. SAUL encourages listeners to step away from their screens, live in the moment, and engage in genuine human interaction. This underlying message adds depth to the album, making it more than just a collection of heavy tracks.

In conclusion, This Is It... The End Of Everything, solidifies SAUL's position as a standout force in the alternative metal/hard rock genre. With a mix of infectious melodies, heavy riffs, and powerful vocals, the band delivers a compelling and dynamic album that will undoubtedly resonate with fans and leave a lasting impact on the contemporary rock and metal scenes.


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